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PORTFOLIOS|Photography|Jade Vixen

TWO WHEELS GOOD: Jade Vixen models military catsuit by Inner Sanctum (photo: Sandy/JadeVixen.com)

From Playtex to latex:
Jade Vixen’s fetish odyssey

Jade Vixen’s voyage of fetish discovery took her from vintage underwear and kinky publications via New York fetish clubs to pro modelling, she tells Tony Mitchell. Our photo galleries showcase her new members’ site with special guest selection by Vance

Born and raised in New York, fetish model Jade Vixen has the kind of exotic looks and dress sense that the description “Asianatrix” might have been invented for.

With her striking Asian features and long black hair, an hour-glass figure clad in latex or corsets, her long legs sheathed in vintage nylons and posing confidently in the highest heels known to woman, she could have stepped straight from the pages of Exotique magazine or similar fetish fantasy publications.

In photographs she can look both seductive and dangerous — a combination of her natural attributes and her skills as a model. In the flesh she is every bit as eye-catching, but also friendly, charming, articulate and an enthusiastic conversationalist.

And you don’t have to talk to her for very long to confirm that underneath the fetish attire is a very serious perv indeed.

Her kinky interests bubbled up to the surface while she was still in high school. “It all started with a pink rubber Playtex girdle I found in a thrift shop,” she explains.

“I soon collected other vintage undergarments, nylons, and gloves. Later that year, I bought my first modern latex piece, a spikey black latex skirt from Craig Morrison that I still have!

“I was an avid reader and collector of fetish and lingerie magazines and catalogues, and a big fan of Bettie Page, John Willie's Bizarre, and John Sutcliffe’s Atomage.

“The handmade fetishwear and extreme silhouettes portrayed in their work really made quite the impression on my developing fetish interest.

“The idealised woman with long thin limbs and a curvy figure with nipped-in waist, wearing extreme heels, was my early vision of a fetish goddess that I strive to emulate.”

Jade first encountered fetish society when she went to NYC’s legendary Mother club, and quickly became immersed in the scene. Her aim from the start, she says, was to be a professional model.

“I idolised the models in the fetish magazines of the ’90s, and it was what I always wanted to do from the first time I encountered latex and fetish fashion.”

After building up her modelling portfolio on various networking sites for some years, in 2009 Jade finally achieved her ambition of launching her own membership site, JadeVixen.com.

The site already boasts an impressive array of photo sets from in-house and guest photographers, and Jade generously gave us unlimited access to the members’ area to select images for our galleries on the right.

The overall consistency of style and quality in the imagery suggests some very firm creative control over site content by its owner 

Two of our three galleries represent, respectively, the work of her in-house photographic partner Sandy, and a group of other talented snappers she has shot with, including Holly Randall, Martin Perreault, Steve Prue and Studio-X.

The third (middle) gallery represents the fulfilment in 2009 of another major ambition of Jade’s — to shoot with Vance, a photographer whose work will be very familiar to Fetishistas fans. Their collaboration was certainly worth the wait, bringing an additional benefit for us in the form of our February edition cover.

While every photo set of Jade features different clothes, different make-up and different settings, there is an overall consistency of style and quality in the imagery that suggests some very firm creative control over site content by its owner. It’s an impression Jade confirms:

“I’m the art director of my own shoots that I produce with Sandy for my site. I style my shoots and usually do my own hair and make-up. I edit and retouch the photos and do all of the maintenance on my site myself.

“But I'm still working on my design and web development skills, so my site is a constant work in progress.” That may be so, but as a model who does her own webmastering, she’s still ahead of most in the field.

The site features a lot of rubber from a lot of very fashionable designers. What factors influence Jade’s choice of photo-shoot outfits?

“These days, I am a serious latex fashion fetishist. I am meticulous and obsessive about minor details and fit. I tend to favour designers that pay close attention to minutiae, possess superb pattern drafting skills, and create nicely seamed and durable garments.

“I especially adore designers that draw from vintage lingerie and corsets and recreate similar designs in latex.”

Her favourite corsetière is Andrea Johnson, whose Lovesick Corrective Apparel label is based in Toronto. Her favourite latex designers are all London firms: Inner Sanctum, Atsuko Kudo, Libidex and Lacing Lilith.

“Inner Sanctum is a personal favourite of mine,” she enthuses. “My first Inner Sanctum pieces date back to 1997!”

Jade says she loves the printed latex and the patterned latex that many of the top designers are now using. “It makes the material much more versatile. The new colour range Radical Rubber has introduced is fantastic.

“Those colours are my favourites besides black — particularly the transparent black and metallic green. I never wore green latex prior to the introduction of that particular colour.”

‘In New York we do not have events on the scale of the major London weekends, but plenty of smaller parties with very friendly people’

She admits to going “crazy latex shopping” when she travels to London. She was over here for the 2008 Rubber Ball and then again for Torture Garden’s Birthday Ball Weekend in May 2009, and already plans to be at this year’s Fetish Evolution in Essen at Easter and to return to London for TG’s May birthday bash.

“I love the major international fetish events,” she says. “So much fun. I love the elaborate outfits of the crowd, especially in London!”

How does she feel London compares with her home scene in New York?

“I think the NY scene is quite play-conscious, and has evolved a lot from when I first started going out. It has many smaller parties. We do not have events on the scale of the major London weekends, but plenty of smaller parties with very friendly people.

“We have Purple Passion and DeMask as retailers; London has Showgirls, Bondinage, Fettered Pleasures, Honour, Liberation/Libidex, House of Harlot… all as retail shops!

“Maybe you Brits are more into dressing for sex than Americans,” she adds with a wink.

What does she think about fetish in the mainstream, for example as worn by the likes of Lady Gaga?

“Gaga and Rihanna are both wearing fetish apparel well. I think exposing the shiny smooth materials to a wider audience will have a positive effect.

“Latex stockings for sale at Agent Provocateur and latex on the runway is making it more acceptable to wear it as fashionable daily wear. Dita is a successful example of a crossover.”

Talking about the mainstream and crossing over, if Jade could shoot with any photographer while modelling the clothes of any designer in the world, whether fetish or not, who would those people be?

“Photographer: Ellen von Unwerth. She could photograph me in a bag and I would still be delighted! She is a living legend. Couture designer: John Galliano or Olivier Theyskens.”

So, having got an extremely impressive member site up and running, what is she focusing on now?

“I have been performing more in the past year — making the shift from doing the latex runway to individual stage shows with planning, costuming and production values.

“I would love to perform at more international events and model for more designers — spread my fetish aesthetic through my modelling and my site.”

That sounds like more than enough to keep a girl occupied for the next few years. Even so, Jade, with head screwed firmly onto shoulders, knows the fetish celebrity life might not last forever.

“One should always have a plan for the day that dressing in sexy outfits is no longer a valid vocational choice. I did pursue an advanced degree in engineering, but realised it was not the career path for me. Perhaps I will return to it some day.”

There’ll be a lot of people hoping that day is a long, long way off.

‘One should always have a plan for the day that dressing in sexy outfits is no longer a valid vocational choice’
– Jade Vixen

Thursday, 28 January 2010


About My Photographers
by Jade Vixen
Sandy became my main site photographer by serendipitous chance. We have the mutual interest of latex fetishism.
We started out taking photos of my outfits as a hobby, and I also think my constant complaining about not receiving photo sets from photographers I was doing content trade with motivated the transition from snapping pictures to the professional lighting and location scouting that we do now. I style the shoots and he provides the technical knowledge to create stunning images.

Studio-X and I tend to collaborate on fantasy-based fetish fashion — this led to the creation of the Nurse Perverse and Maleficent characters. We had been friends for years, but never worked together consistently until I moved back to New York in February of 2009.
Our collaborative efforts usually involve a meal of spicy seafood and several hours of browsing older fetish mags and catalogues (Centurions, , Skin Two, Marquis) from when both of us first entered the scene, for inspiration before the shoot preparations begin. Our body of work is quite large, but a lot of it has not yet been released for my site.
The photo above is by Studio-X, and features a latex feathered neck corset by Collective Chaos Design.

Gil Perron forwarded me to Martin Perreault: my first Montreal fetish experience. I had been partying and DJing in Montreal for years, but never bothered checking out the fetish scene. I began correspondence with the super amiable Mr Perron and it led to the creation of an anime outfit by Polymorphe and one stylised photo session.
I managed to shoot with both of Montreal’s (and Canada's) top fetish photographers during the same visit. I also did a double shoot with Bianca Beauchamp, in her latex waterbed, which was a dream come true (see the Latex Kitties set on my site)

Holly Randall was so much to work with. Complex lighting set-ups, fantastic styling, and fabulous locations. It’s nice to see images from two of my photo sets with her in The Fetishistas’ gallery selections.

Steve Prue brings a more fashion-oriented aesthetic to my site. He's also brilliant with lighting and composing content sets.

Vance and I started correspondence in 2005, and it only took us four years to finally shoot. He's a wonderful photographer and I am so happy that we finally collaborated.

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