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Brigitte More: Lovely Latex for lovers of latex loveliness

Though Dutch designer Brigitte More trained to work with latex at DeMask and happily made outfits for herself in other fetish fabrics, it took her 20 years to create her first latex collection. Now, with Lovely Latex, she’s finally making up for lost time

Renowned in the Dutch fetish scene as a performer and party host, and known across the wider European scene for her numerous participations in major fetish events, Brigitte More started making fetish outfits in leather and PVC just for herself. 

Only later did she begin to create entire collections — collections that have been showcased in spectacular performances at events like Fetish Evolution.

Back in the 1990s, she had learnt how to construct clothes in fetish fabrics at DeMask, and was actually taught how to work with latex by the boss himself, Steven English. Yet almost 20 years would pass before she created her first latex collection.

Like her earlier work, Brigitte’s first latex collection, created in 2010, made its debut at Fetish Evolution in Essen. It was, we hear, immediately a huge success.

This year, as the winner of the Fetish Evolution contest, her outfits are on the flyers and ad banners and she will also be dressing the MCs. We can’t wait to see what she creates for Paul Nathan!

“I'm so proud and honoured by this,” says the statuesque designer and performer. “It really makes me happy.”

In an interview last year, Brigitte recalled, as a child, always making clothes for her dolls. “At the age of 14,” she revealed, “I already made clothes for my friends, as they also wanted to have different clothes from what they could buy in a normal store.”

In high-school she was wearing over-the-knee, high-heel boots and pvc trousers. “I still wonder what the teachers might have thought about this,” she said.

Brigitte’s latex designs are unquestionably feminine and elegant, with a lot of thought put into achieving unique colour matching and lines 

“I love the smell of leather, the sense of the glossy lack [pvc] and my latest discovery: latex,” she continued. “My head is always full of new designs and some designs you simply can only make in latex. That’s why I have now started to design in latex.”

Brigitte’s latex designs, created under the banner of Lovely Latex, are unquestionably feminine and elegant, and a lot of thought has gone into coming up with unique colour matching and lines.

She doesn’t generally produce a series of the same model — almost everything she creates is one of a kind.

“Corsets, catsuits, dresses… whatever pops up into my mind, I make it,” she explains. “Personally I love to see women in tight catsuits and dresses, and men in more loose-fit styles.”

No surprise, then, that after creating her initial designs for the girls, latex for the boys is also on its way. She has already begun designing some special hooded shirts, to be worn in combination with loose-fit combat-style pants — a style she is calling urban fetish.

At the time of writing, Brigitte is hard at work finishing the new collection that will be presented over this Easter at Fetish Evolution, in the two-day expo and on the catwalk of Sunday’s FE Ball. But, she admits, it’s not all hard work.

“The colours, the feeling and the smell of latex make me fantasise, and make me eager to create beautiful new designs,” she enthuses.

And with that, we must leave her to indulge herself, making more Lovely Latex custom garments for discerning latex lovers everywhere.

Brigitte has already begun designing some ‘urban fetish’ hooded shirts for the boys, to be worn in combination with loose-fit combat-style pants

Friday, 1 April 2011


Links for Brigitte More’s
Lovely Latex + parties

When she’s not designing clothes for people such as Fetish Evolution MC Tara Noemi (above) or performing at events, Brigitte More keeps herself busy hosting no less than three club nights.

Dominatrix, in Haarlem, is probably the best known of Brigitte’s parties, claims the “best sound system in the Netherlands” and attracts an international crowd. It recently hosted the first Miss Fetish Europe 2010 Awards.

Siberia, held in Utrecht, promises full fetish with a Russian flavour. Treats include fresh ice cream and oysters, fetish art exhibition and “tempting playroom”.

Scandal de Luxe is a party with “a wink towards fetish and kinky and always with a theme, like Asian or Space”. A new location is being sought so no dates for 2011 yet.

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