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PORTFOLIOS|Fashion|Atsuko Kudo

ZDENKA wears mini trilby, plain choker, deco trim pencil dress, knuckle gloves (Christophe Mourthé)

Atsuko adds French dressing

London-based designer Atsuko Kudo hooks up with France’s king of fetish glamour photography Christophe Mourthé for a day in the countryside. With über-models Zdenka and Kyla Cole in Atsuko’s latest latex creations, it’s a guaranteed recipe for success

When fabulous French photographer Christophe Mourthé went down on the farm last summer he took with him those absolute essentials... hot über-models Zdenka and Kyla Cole and a valise full of gorgeous Atsuko Kudo couture latex.

Ignoring herds of local cows and straw in all the wrong places (is there a right place?), our intrepid team brought back pictures that show you don’t have to be in a dank and gloomy dungeon to wear sexy rubber. A hot and dusty barn at the height of the French summer will do just as well. Ooh-la-la!

These beautiful shots of Zdenka by Christophe Mourthé include new dress, accessory and hat designs by Atsuko Kudo for Autumn/Winter 2006/07.

Mourthé’s exhibition of photography, including further beautiful shots of Zdenka and Emily Marilyn in Atsuko Kudo as well as images of Dita von Teese and other fetish luminaries, opened at the Musée de L’Erotisme, Rue de Clichy, Paris in November.

‘Our intrepid team brought back pictures that show you don’t have to be in a dank and gloomy dungeon to wear sexy rubber’

Saturday, 10 February 2007


About the designer:

London-based Japanese designer Atsuko Kudo designs and manufactures a full range of women’s styles exclusively in latex. All her garments and accessories are available in a wide variety of uniquely patterned prints as well as plain colours.

Her clothing is, she says, designed for women who “wish to look and feel beautiful, feminine and strong”. The range includes individual garments and complete ensembles for “the bedroom, the salon, the nightclub or for any other preferred location”.

All items are available from her website (below) or from her shop in the UK: Showgirls, 64, Holloway Road, London N7 8JL. Tel +44 20 7697 9072 and +44 20 7700 4631.

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