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PORTFOLIOS|Photography|Ultimate Heavy Rubber

Heavy Rubber Book

Peter Czernich’s first crowd-funded book – The Ultimate Heavy Rubber Book – easily lives up to its name. With 10% discount offer... Read more
PORTFOLIOS|Fashion|Lacing Lilith

Lacing Lilith latex

Designer Paul Miller tells us that Lacing Lilith exists to bridge the gap between the worlds of latex fashion and heavy rubber... Read more

PORTFOLIOS|Photography|Sway’s Finest Addiction

Sway’s addiction

After an absence of over a year, Susan Wayland is back with a new hairstyle, website and e-zine, and is ready to explain all... Read more
PORTFOLIOS|Photography|Christine Kessler tribute

Christine Kessler

Christine Kessler created a new style of fetish photography that kickstarted many a model’s career. Tribute by Darenzia... Read more


British Bondinage

Designer Stephen Fuller explains why events like German Fetish Ball and Fetish Evolution work so well for his latex business... Read more
PORTFOLIOS|Fashion|Dayne Henderson

Dayne Henderson

With echoes of Leigh Bowery, this young Geordie designer’s masked creations push at the boundaries of latex fashion... Read more

PORTFOLIOS|Fashion|HoH + TG Clothing

HoH + TG Clothing

We preview new House of Harlot and Torture Garden Clothing collections — the latter launched live at TG Valentines... Read more
PORTFOLIOS|Fashion|Murray & Vern + Inniu


Inniu Shoes’ recent Chinese promo campaign is fine testament to Murray and Vern’s 30 years of latex creativity... Read more

PORTFOLIOS|Fashion|Pandora Deluxe

Pandora Deluxe

Since quitting her PhD studies for latex design, Mags has achieved a high profile with her Ka-Pow! and SpellBound ranges... Read more
PORTFOLIOS|Photography|Aurore Petite Sukub

Aurore PetiteSukub

Q&A with the winner of Miss Marquis France 2011 as models look towards November’s Miss Fetish Europe awards... Read more

PORTFOLIOS|Photography|Thomas ‘Bommi’ Burggraf

‘Bommi’ Burggraf

He may have got into photography by chance, but Bommi’s distinctive style might never have flowered with formal training... Read more
PORTFOLIOS|Fashion|Sebastian Cauchos

Sebastian Cauchos

Clothes by Dutch designer Cauchos have become coveted by latex aficionados everywhere — but can you buy them?... Read more

PORTFOLIOS|Fashion|MadRubb latex

MadRubb latex

Launched 3 years ago in Madrid, MadRubb is attracting attention with chic clothes that blend latex with everyday fashion... Read more
PORTFOLIOS|Fashion|Atsuko Kudo’s decade

Atsuko Kudo’s 10+

Atsuko Kudo and partner Simon Hoare talk about the perfectionism that helps them get prestigious fashion projects... Read more

PORTFOLIOS|Photography|Bondage Café

Bondage Café

Bondage Café photographer Jim Weathers’ 1st book, Kinky Bondage Obsession, is out. We interview Jim and review the book ... Read more
PORTFOLIOS|Photography|Stéphane Roy

Stéphane Roy

Stéphane describes a photo opp he and girlfriend Kay Morgan couldn’t resist when they arrived in a deserted hotel lobby... Read more

PORTFOLIOS|Photography|coJac photography

coJac photography

Jacco Breedveld, aka coJac, creates imagery highly regarded for its blend of fetish glamour and fashion sensibility... Read more
PORTFOLIOS|Fashion|HMSlatex Deco collection

HMSlatex go Deco

Art Deco and Futurism inspired HMSlatex’s new collection, and Sophie Richardoz uses plus-size models to show it off ... Read more

PORTFOLIOS|Photography|Onna Sakura

Onna Sakura

For Onna Sakura, 2012 was a year dreams came true. We discover the secrets of her success on stage, catwalk and camera... Read more
PORTFOLIOS|Photography|Fetish Photography

Ultimate Czernich

Peter Czernich’s new collection of his favourite work from the past 15 years reminds us of his importance to the fetish genre... Read more

PORTFOLIOS|Fashion|Westward Bound

Westward Bound

After three well-received couture-inspired latex collections, WB believes its new ‘designer’ cred is firmly established... Read more
PORTFOLIOS|Photography|Ancilla Tilia

Ancilla Tilia

Netherlands beauty Ancilla Tilia straddles the kinky and straight modelling scenes in ways other models only dream of... Read more

PORTFOLIOS|Photography|Miss Miranda

Miss Miranda

The Torture Garden model and burlesquer with a taste for latex, retro lingerie, proper stockings and extreme heels... Read more
PORTFOLIOS|Fashion|Essential Latex

Essential Latex

Heidi Patterson discusses some pet peeves + explains what prompted her to launch her own range of rubber basics... Read more


Me-Chiel portfolio

Dutch photographer Me-Chiel, aka Michiel Kivits, turns out impressive fetish work, much of which has a playful character... Read more
PORTFOLIOS|Fashion|Fantastic Rubber

Fantastic Rubber

Catsuit specialist Fantastic Rubber, our June cover story, has just won the European Fetish Award for Best German Brand... Read more

PORTFOLIOS|Photography|Ronny Thiele

Ronny Thiele

Acclaimed photographer Ronny recently returned after a two-year break. He explains why he left, and why he’s back... Read more
PORTFOLIOS|Fashion|House of Harlot

House of Harlot

House of Harlot’s move to London’s East End is part of a repositioning reflecting reduced dependence on fetish customers... Read more

PORTFOLIOS|Fashion|Am Statik

Am Statik charge

Am Statik is at the forefront of the new wave of decorative latex. We chart its meteoric rise and reveal its plans for 2012... Read more
PORTFOLIOS|Photography|Emily Marilyn

Emily Marilyn

Five years after her first Fetishistas cover, Emily Marilyn is back, talking with admirable frankness about her fabulous fetish career... Read more

PORTFOLIOS|Fashion|Fabulously Fetish shoes

Fabulously Fetish

New venture by one of London’s first and finest fetish shoemakers gets a visit from Tony Mitchell and Emily Marilyn... Read more
PORTFOLIOS|Fashion|EctoMorph Basics

EctoMorph Basics

With her new Basics range, Krystina Kitsis aims to appeal both to “avid consumers” and newbies starting a latex wardrobe... Read more

PORTFOLIOS|Fashion|Dudea Latex

Dudea Latex

This German ‘clinical’ label has been catching the eyes of fashion-conscious fetishists at recent major fetish weekends... Read more
PORTFOLIOS|Photography|Peter Felix Kurtz

Peter Felix Kurtz

London photographer Kurtz shoots new Breathless latex, shows at Europe’s Art Sensuel exhibition and releases his 4th DVD... Read more

PORTFOLIOS|Fashion|BoomBastic Rubber


Disappointment with established firms led Hamburg’s Asmondena to launch her own BoomBastic Rubber line in September... Read more
PORTFOLIOS|Fashion|Collective Chaos Design

Collective Chaos

Elegant latex design and striking photography collide in a carefully curated conflation of fashion, beauty and eroticism... Read more

PORTFOLIOS|Fashion|Kim West Matte Latex

Kim West flat out

Rubber fashion pioneer Kim West is now fully committed to chlorinated latex — used flat-side-out for her new collection... Read more
PORTFOLIOS|Fashion|Libidex:Man collection

Libidex:Man range

The Libidex:Man collection aims to correct inequalities between male and female latex with lots of stylish new menswear... Read more

PORTFOLIOS|Photography|Rachael V

Rachael V profile

Our busy September cover star juggles jazz singing, modelling and fulltime university studies for an English degree... Read more
PORTFOLIOS|Fashion|Ardita FFashion

Ardita FFashion

Designer Barbara Sandri talks about the fashion know-how + technical innovation behind hot new latex couture label Ardita ... Read more

PORTFOLIOS|Photography|Elegy Ellem

Elegy Ellem: model

Behind Elegy Ellem’s fast-tracking as a model and burlesque artist lies hard work as well as genuine talent and distinctive looks... Read more
PORTFOLIOS|Fashion|Venus Prototype

Venus Prototype

Venus Prototype combines latex lust with 17 years in mainstream fashion in LA to create exciting original clothes... Read more

PORTFOLIOS|Photography|Maria Coletsis book

Behind The Whip

Maria Coletsis has just published a photography book, accompanied by a short film, exploring the world of the pro dominatrix... Read more
PORTFOLIOS|Fashion|New Inner Sanctum

New InnerSanctum

Relaunched from Germany with a stunning new collection, the new Inner Sanctum has won a European Fetish Award already... Read more

PORTFOLIOS|Fashion|Rubear in Europe

Rubear in Europe

Moscow’s textured latex specialist Rubear now offers its hi-tech styles and low prices through a new European online store... Read more
PORTFOLIOS|Fashion|Westward Bound

Westward Bound

This British specialist in good-value latex has undergone a major makeover and moved upmarket. We discover why... Read more

PORTFOLIOS|Fashion|Brigitte More

More Lovely Latex

Though trained at DeMask, Brigitte More waited 20 years to create a latex collection. Now she’s making up for lost time... Read more


Katja Ehrhardt is a designer of distinctive latex clothing now greatly admired for her HighGloss- Dolls photography... Read more

PORTFOLIOS|Fashion|HMS White Noise

HMS White Noise

Exclusive images from HMSlatex’s latest shoot with Phantom Orchid, depicting the label’s new Bruit Blanc collection... Read more
PORTFOLIOS|Photography|Marquis at 50

Marquis makes 50

We look back at the story of fetish magazine Marquis as it publishes its 50th issue, complete with Dita Von Teese cover... Read more

PORTFOLIOS|Photography|Warped Photography

Wayne is Warped

For the second in her series on Australia’s fetish talents, Mistress Tokyo focuses on Perth-based Warped Photography... Read more
PORTFOLIOS|Fashion|Velda Lauder book

Velda on Corsets

Velda Lauder discusses the corset as fetish object, based on the chapter of that title in her new book Corsets... Read more


Rubber55 go live

In-depth interview with Andy and Karen of bondage-fashion label Rubber55  on the eve of their first London club show... Read more
PORTFOLIOS|Fashion|Rawhide Corsets

Rawhide Corsets

The bespoke specialists celebrate ten years of success with a smart new boutique at Birmingham’s Custard Factory... Read more

PORTFOLIOS|Fashion|Ooh La Latex

Ooh La Latex

Young and still relatively unknown, London’s Ooh La Latex has already been nominated for two European Fetish Awards... Read more


Harvard post grad Dawn Mostow’s designs, including amazing latex kimonos, helped her win the Miss Rubber World title... Read more

PORTFOLIOS|Photography|Soul Focus Studio

Soul Focus Studio

Lucas Messerer, the man behind Sydney’s Soul Focus Studio, profiled by new Australian correspondent Mistress Tokyo... Read more


In a few years, Savage-Wear has become established as one of Germany’s most colourful, fashion- conscious latex labels... Read more

PORTFOLIOS|Fashion|HMSlatex Dolls

HMSlatex Dolls

HMSlatex’s new Dolls collection, photographed by Phantom Orchid and shown in Hamburg, is in the label’s June sale... Read more

Marie-Kalista year

Her teenage dreams of being a slinkily clad superheroine don’t seem so far-fetched now she’s the 1st Miss Fetish Europe... Read more



Having established a cult following, Lickorishlatex have launched a campaign to achieve mainstream recognition... Read more
PORTFOLIOS|Fashion|Hedony Design

Hedony Design

We profile photographer/designer Josselin Guichard as his latex fashion label Hedony Design makes its London debut... Read more

PORTFOLIOS|Fashion|Kaori’s Latex Dreams

Kaori latex dreams

London designer Kaori Matsubara is a sought-after latex couturier whose clothes are unusually comfortable... Read more
PORTFOLIOS|Fashion|Naucler Design

Naucler Design

Umeå, home of the late Swedish crime writer Stieg Larsson, is now firmly on the fetish map too, as HQ of latex label Naucler... Read more


Rubberluv actually

After fire destroyed Chris Anderson’s workshop, his friend Chris Bellamy stepped in to help relaunch his career... Read more
PORTFOLIOS|Photography|Jade Vixen

A Vixen’s voyage

Jade Vixen’s story, from collecting vintage underwear to pro modelling — with 80+ photos from her new members’ site... Read more

PORTFOLIOS|Photography|Gothic’s LFW shoot

Gothic’s LFW shoot

The Fets and Gothic Image team up for an ad hoc photo shoot using the as yet unfinished new Libidex HQ as a makeshift studio... Read more
PORTFOLIOS|Fashion|Kim West

Kim West returns

The designer who helped lead the 1980s rubber fashion revolution returns after 15 years to relaunch her label online... Read more

PORTFOLIOS|Fashion|Anatomic Bomb!

Anatomic Bomb!

We profile the label that pioneered burlesque-influenced latex fashion in the UK and still produces some of the genre’s best... Read more
PORTFOLIOS|Fashion|Ectomorph collection

Ectomorph trends

On the eve of her new collection’s launch, designer Krystina Kitsis contrasts the pioneering ’80s with today’s latex scene... Read more

PORTFOLIOS|Photography|Photophilia 2

Photophilia talent

Photophilia is a London group photo shoot showcasing new fetish talents, 30 of whom collaborated on this portfolio... Read more
PORTFOLIOS|Fashion|Lady Lucie online

Lady Lucie online

Lady Lucie’s new website is rammed to the rafters with rubber. We’ve got the story — and some of the hottest shots... Read more


HMSlatex sets sail

Since wowing the London Xpo’s international crowd in 2008, Sophie Richardoz’s pervy Parisian style has been in great demand... Read more
PORTFOLIOS|Photography|Lori Mann workshops

Lori Mann lessons

Q: Why do people pay Lori a lot of money to teach them a lesson?
A: Because she hosts fabulous photography seminars... Read more

PORTFOLIOS|Photography|Darenzia profile

Darenzia’s journey

How NYC’s Darenzia morphed from pierced and punky ‘alt’ model to international fetish star. Gallery by Christine Kessler... Read more
PORTFOLIOS|Fashion|Libidex catsuits

Libidex to suit you

Following the launch of its colourful new catsuits, our second Libidex gallery features great new twists on classic black... Read more

PORTFOLIOS|Fashion|Inner Sanctum

Berliner Sanctum

With Pfauenberg latex photography and rising Berlin star Eden as principal model, Inner Sanctum returns to top form... Read more

Play with Petgirls

In a genre dominated by poorly rendered juvenile fantasy, the high quality computer art of Petgirls.de really stands out... Read more

PORTFOLIOS|Fashion|Morgana Femme Couture

Morgana’s Couture

With its hot fetish models and ace photographers, Morgana Femme Couture is a favourite of corset-loving kinksters... Read more
PORTFOLIOS|Fashion|Blacklickorish Latex


After learning the ropes in LA with Fierce Couture and Stockroom, Alyssa has launched her own label, Blacklickorish Latex... Read more

PORTFOLIOS|Fashion|Inner Sanctum returns

Sanctum returns

After a low-profile period of internal reorganisation, London latex label Inner Sanctum makes its comeback... Read more
PORTFOLIOS|Photography|Mss EmmaJ

EmmaJ: model Mss

How did she get from fetish newbie to top photographer’s favourite in a couple of years? By speculating to accumulate... Read more

PORTFOLIOS|Fashion|Fetish Fantasy Fashion book

Fetish Fantasy duo

Exclusive pictures from the book recording one couple’s amazing 13-year couture collaboration with designer Robin Archer... Read more
PORTFOLIOS|Fashion|Custom corsetry

Corset confessions

Sarah Wilkinson considers reasons for the corset’s revival while drooling over the designs of three British corsetiers... Read more

PORTFOLIOS|Photography|Vance’s Phetish Fotos

Vance’s Phetishism

Following his Mosh cover story of October ’07, we give Washington’s Vance his own portfolio and space to air his views... Read more
PORTFOLIOS|Fashion|Xpo Studio 2008

Xpo Studio 2008

The Fetishistas team up with Gothic Image to document for posterity the clothes in this year’s Xpo fashion shows... Read more

PORTFOLIOS|Photography|Charles Gatewood

Gatewood in town

Charles Gatewood, one of fetish photography’s seminal figures, hosts his first London solo exhibition in October... Read more
PORTFOLIOS|Fashion|Kudo in Vogue

Kudo in Vogue

We celebrate the European Fetish Awards’ first Designer of the Year, whose work is increasingly featured in fashion bible Vogue... Read more

PORTFOLIOS|Fashion|Big-booted girls

Big-booted girls

Dave Edmond celebrates the big black boot — footwear that has plenty to say about attitude and female empowerment... Read more
PORTFOLIOS|Photography|Valentina Fetish Doll

Happy Valentina

After sharing her latex love with us for ten years, Italy’s famous model Valentina has launched a video website ... Read more

PORTFOLIOS|Photography|Gothic TG studio

GI’s party people

Our second Gothic Image TG studio gallery hass more party animals — including June cover model Calamity Amelie ... Read more
PORTFOLIOS|Fashion|Maria Sander

Maria Sander

Maria started making latex bags to match women’s latex clothes, and has now launched a clothing line to match the bags ... Read more

PORTFOLIOS|Fashion|Ego Assassin

Ego Assassin

Ego Assassin has gone from custom t-shirt company to producer of some of the most desirable latex coming from Canada.... Read more
PORTFOLIOS|Photography|Ancilla Tilia

Ancilla Tilia

It’s been an eventful year for Dutch fetish star Ancilla Tilia, who makes her London performance debut at TG ... Read more

PORTFOLIOS|Photography|Susan Wayland

Susan Wayland

Sway tells how she went from running a ‘hobby’ website with her partner to being a top German fetish model... Read more
PORTFOLIOS|Fashion|Jane Doe Latex

Jane Doe Latex

British designer Nina Kate manages to create latex clothes that ooze perv appeal but avoid fetish clichés... Read more

PORTFOLIOS|Photography|Doralba Picerno

Doralba Picerno

Doralba Picerno has photographed top fetish models for ten years, and her work is now in a beautiful coffee table book... Read more
PORTFOLIOS|Fashion|Libidex new range

Libidex new range

Its new latex collection is one of the biggest additions Libidex has ever made to its already large range... Read more

PORTFOLIOS|Fashion|House of Harlot

House of Harlot

Two great galleries of HoH and TG Style images plus Robin Archer on why Harlot’s the mainstream’s favourite latex label... Read more
PORTFOLIOS|Photography|Marcus Gloger

Marcus Gloger

We meet a German commercial photographer who uses his travels to create narrative fetish images for his private work... Read more

PORTFOLIOS|Photography|Martin Pelzer

Martin Pelzer

Describing his style as ‘portrait photography with some fetish elements’, Martin Pelzer is highly regarded in fetish... Read more
PORTFOLIOS|Photography|Gothic Xpo Studio

Gothic Xpo Studio

Pictures of stunning quality from the Gothic Image Xpo studio, plus the story behind the pix from the photographer ... Read more


Cunning Stuntkid

He's no longer a kid and he doesn't perform stunts… unless you count developing a photographic style as distinctive as his art ... Read more
PORTFOLIOS|Fashion|Venus Prototype

Venus by Lithium

We present the Venus Prototype fashion shoot by Lithium Picnic that was set to go into our launch issue ... Read more

PORTFOLIOS|Photography|Ulli Richter

Ulli Richter

Ulli Richter is a purveyor of gay fetish imagery whose style has obvious appeal to straighter fetish tastes... Read more
PORTFOLIOS|Photography|Maxime Avet

Maxime Avet

If you browse fetish models’ websites and MySpace pages, it isn’t long before the name Maxime Avet crops ... Read more


Art of Tsubasa

Atlanta and international fetish man-about-town Kip fills us in about his friend Bill, whose new DVD Breed is out ... Read more
PORTFOLIOS|Photography|Jeff C Fetish

Jeff C Fetish

With so many fetish photographers today ignorant of fetish history, it’s a pleasure to meet Jeff C Fetish, who ... Read more

PORTFOLIOS|Photography|Jerome Gouvrion

Captive audience

Captive Culture and Latex Culture have established Jerome Gouvrion as a top European purveyor of fetish and bondage... Read more
PORTFOLIOS|Fashion|Exquisite Restraint

Exquisite Restraint

Simone C Williams has recently seen her corsets being chosen by Christophe Mourthé and Steve Diet Goedde... Read more

PORTFOLIOS|Fashion|Atsuko Kudo

Atsuko by Mourthé

What happened when fabulous French photographer Christophe Mourthé went down on the farm with Atsuko Kudo ... Read more
PORTFOLIOS|Photography|Christine Kessler

Steen’s Pervy Girls

Christine Kessler’s Pervy Girls are women for whom fetish can be dark and dangerous if needs be, but for whom ... Read more

PORTFOLIOS|Photography|Emma Delves-Broughton

A tribute to Bob

Bob Carlos Clarke’s tragic death in March 2006 sent shockwaves reverberating through the fetish scene... Read more
PORTFOLIOS|Photography|Gothic Image

Gothic splendour

The British photographer known as Gothic Image has only been shooting fetish imagery for three years... Read more