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About the Fetishistas



The Fetishistas is the world’s first comprehensive fetish magazine on the web, bringing unrivalled free coverage of the international fetish scene to all.

Produced by a dedicated team headed by ex-Skin Two Editor Tony Mitchell, it combines the best elements of traditional fetish print magazines, such as high quality photography and authoritative journalism, with the accessibility, connectivity, content capacity and responsiveness only possible with the web.

Global interest in fetishism is at an all-time high, and the internet has become the dominant medium of expression for the worldwide fetish community. Yet traditional fetish publishers have failed to exploit the potential of the web to reach today’s fetish audience.

When Tony left Skin Two in 2006 after a 22-year involvement, he teamed up with British graphic artist/photographer Jan Fetishclubpix and German photographer/webmaster Martin Pelzer, launching TheFetishistas.com at the beginning of 2007. It is a site that offers, in free and regularly updated editions, an unprecedented variety of top quality, kink-orientated content designed to inform, entertain and stimulate.

Easily accessible sections present news, gossip, events listings and reports, along with interviews, profiles, regular and guest columns, fashion galleries, photography and art portfolios, and coverage of web issues. The site is in continuous development, with new sections and features always in the pipeline.

Fetish 2.0 has arrived. Welcome to The Fetishistas!

info@thefetishistas.com General queries and comments
tony@thefetishistas.com Editor/publisher Tony Mitchell
jan@thefetishistas.com Photographer/designer Jan Fetishclubpix
webmaster@thefetishistas.com Technical issues/troubleshooting
ads@thefetishistas.com Advertising and sponsorship enquiries


The Fetishistas welcomes contributions from talented kinky creatives and industry-involved individuals around the globe. Our aim is to give exposure both to new and established names in the fetish/BDSM and related fields (such as retro pin-up, burlesque, gothic etc), so we are very happy to hear from anyone who feels they have appropriate material to offer or deserve coverage by our team.

Editorial contributions in the form of photography, art and writing are particularly welcome. If you have a portfolio of appropriate images, or can write articles to the standard that you see on our site, e-mail the Editor, including examples of your work. If we like what we see, you are well on your way to getting published. As a free site, we unfortunately can’t as yet pay for contributions. But we do promise to treat your work with respect, and to give you full editorial credit for your endeavours as well as, of course, providing links to your own site(s).

Copyright statement: All texts, images and page designs on this site are the copyright of The Fetishistas and/or its contributors, and may not be re-used in any form by anyone else without the written permission of the copyright owners. Copyright in original contributed material remains with the author unless varied by prior agreement. The publisher undertakes not to supply contributed material for re-use by a third party without the author’s permission. Requests to reproduce any material from this site should be addressed in the first instance to the publisher, Tony Mitchell.

Photography guidelines: Please take a look at what’s already on our site so you get a sense of our visual taste before you send us anything. We do not publish explicit or hardcore material (though we have no objection to viewing it for research purposes). For our fashion and photography portfolios, high production values are essential. For event reportage, you need a strong sense of what makes a good ‘live’ picture. For other sections of the site, you need skills appropriate to the general editorial style of the site.

Writing guidelines: We are looking for journalism good enough to be published in high-end print magazines and newspapers. Anyone with a talent for hard news, informed comment, biting humour, business analysis, issue-based opinion pieces, investigative journalism, celebrity interviews, creative talent-spotting or kinky column-writing should get in touch. We would also prefer writers who know how to use a spellchecker and understand what it means to be writing for a British site with an international audience. But copy that sparkles is the most important requirement.

Publicity guidelines: If you’re involved in any aspect of the fetish/BDSM industry, and think you deserve publicity on our site for what you’re doing, then get in touch. You could have an interesting story to tell, some work to show off, or some hot news or gossip you’d like to share with our global fetish audience. Whether you’re a model, clothing designer, bondage equipment retailer, web producer or any other kinkster of quality — wherever you are in the world, and however new you are to the business — we are potentially interested in what you do.

E-mail tony@thefetishistas.com to offer work or discuss ideas for editorial coverage


Free banner exchange

We welcome proposals for banner exchanges from other fetish and BDSM websites. If we accept your banner, it will be placed in the appropriate section(s) of our Links page. You can request the category under which you would like your banner to be displayed (except for the Advertisers + Sponsors category — see below). Available categories are shown in the Links sub-menu in the left-hand column, and on the Links page itself. In the case of genuinely multi-faceted businesses, we may at our discretion place your banner in more than one category.

Banners for exchanges should be standard banner strip size: 468px by 60px. Preferred format is GIF. Banners not supplied to this exact spec are subject to resizing or reformatting as necessary.

Banners are placed on our Links page free of charge, subject to the reciprocal and ongoing placement of one of our banners in a similar place on your site. A choice of Fetishistas banners featuring selected ‘banner stars’ is available at the bottom of the Links page. We’ll be adding new banner stars to the collection regularly, so feel free to grab and use new ones whenever you like. The URL to link them to is, of course: http://www.thefetishistas.com.

Want your exchange banner to be in the default set that displays when viewers first click on ‘Links’ in the left-hand menu? All you have to do is become one of our advertisers or sponsors, and your exchange banner will be included in that default set, as well as in the appropriate business category.

Requests for banner exchanges should be sent to: info@thefetishistas.com



Advertising with The Fetishistas

Advertising with TheFetishistas.com is an extremely cost-effective way for your business to reach the global fetish market.

With the decline and in some cases closure of traditional fetish magazines, the value of print advertising for fetish and BDSM businesses has never been lower. The web is a more effective marketing medium today for virtually every type of fetish business, whether the objective is to maintain a constant presence in the marketplace, get sales messages out on time, or simply reach the maximum number of potential customers.

This is where The Fetishistas comes in. It’s the perfect medium not just to reach existing customers but also to develop new markets within the vast new online fetish community that does not buy or read old-style magazines.

Our ad rates represent great value compared with traditional media. For the same period of exposure as a quarterly magazine and equivalent prominence on our site, you pay about half the typical magazine discounted price. What’s more, you can try us out for as little as £25 (approx E30/$40) for a one-month slot.

All our quoted rates apply to one ad in one position for one month. Rates are discounted if you book multiple slots or longer periods. You can save at least 30% on the full monthly rates by booking a whole year’s campaign in advance, and you can change your banners every month during the booked period if you wish.

When you become an advertiser or sponsor, you automatically qualify for an additional free exchange banner on our Links page, to be included in the default set that displays when the page is first accessed from ‘Links’ in the main menu.

To find out more about advertising or sponsorship opportunities with this site, to request our Advertising Rates PDF or to reserve your ad banner space, contact our advertising department at: ads@thefetishistas.com



Navigation tips

The Fetishistas site is divided into sections like a print magazine, and these sections are all listed in the main navigation menu on the left hand side of the page. This menu panel remains visible wherever you are on the site, so every article on the site is never more than a couple of clicks away from where you are at the moment.

When you click on a main heading that has sub-categories, the sub-menu drops down and automatically defaults to the top item, which is generally a ‘latest’ or ‘this month’ content page. The active category is indicated by a red pointer, so you can always tell instantly from the menu what part of the site you are viewing.

Each section-content page carries synopses of all current material — just click on the thumbnail or the ‘read more’ link to call up the full article. Exceptions to this are the News and Gossip sections, where ‘latest’ and ‘recent’ stories are all displayed in descending date order on a single page. In these sections, an overview of all stories is accessed by clicking on the relevant ‘archive’ link.

The left-hand column is also used to display any editorial links relating to the editorial content of the page you are currently viewing. Again, News and Gossip are exceptions: editorial links in these sections are displayed at the bottom of the article text.

Our Front Page (in the ‘Home’ sub-menu) highlights articles we consider to be the most important on the site at any given time. The Front Page carries trailers for our current top 12 selections from the whole site, with links from the trailers straight to the articles.

For further information, queries or comments, contact: info@thefetishistas.com