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GOSSIP|Berlin|Inner Sanctum Berlin

InnerSanctum Berlin

Inner Sanctum will open a new store in Berlin at the end of this week, confirming rumours circulating for some time ... Read more
GOSSIP|London|Marnie Scarlet showcase

Marnie show delay

Fire at Resistance Gallery delays Marnie Scarlet’s In the Kingdom of the Blind showcase planned for September 4 ... Read more

GOSSIP|Paris|Viktor & Rolf latex

Viktor+Rolf go Rad

Radical Rubber gets credit for a notable contribution to Amsterdam fashion house Viktor & Rolf’s new couture collection... Read more
GOSSIP|Dublin|Sinéad O’Connor

Sinéad heads West

Sinéad O’Connor chose a Westward Bound latex dress to wear for the cover of her new album, out on August 12 ... Read more

GOSSIP|London|Libidex summer sale

Libi’s summer sale

 Libidex is slashing prices by up to 40 percent in this year’s Libidex Summer Sale, which starts this Friday, July 4... Read more
GOSSIP|Hamburg|Inner Sanctum site

Inner revamp+sale

Inner Sanctum’s long awaited web shop revamp finally goes live, with a 20%-off sale and extra discount for Fetishistas fans... Read more

GOSSIP|Paris|HMSlatex closes

HMSlatex closes

Latex fans have been saddened to learn that one of the most popular and creative European labels, HMSlatex, is to close... Read more
GOSSIP|London|Bob Carlos Clarke show

Bob C Clarke show

London’s Little Black Gallery commemorates the legendary Bob Carlos Clarke with a new exhibition... Read more

GOSSIP|London|CCK Kickstarter

CCK: last 15 hours

With 12 hours still to go and more than £36,000 pledged, the CCK2 Kickstarter campaign has met its target... Read more
GOSSIP|Amsterdam outskirts|Dominatrix additions

Dominatrix debuts

Final fashion pix from November’s party, plus sneak preview of March debuts by Inner Sanctum and two London fetishistas ... Read more

GOSSIP|London|Coffee Cake & Kisses Kickstarter

Coffee Cake Kisses

Coffee, Cake & Kisses, unveiled Valentines Day as Coffee, Cake & Kink founders’ new venture, seeks crowd funding ... Read more
GOSSIP|London|Rubber Cult Feb 1

Rubber Cult Feb 1

Rubber Cult returns to original North London venue Shillibeers on Feb 1 — and Libidex hosts a special sale to celebrate... Read more

GOSSIP|Stockholm, Sweden|Elegy drinks milk

Elegy laps it up

Elegy Ellem, dressed head-to-toe in latex, on all fours on the floor, drinking milk from a saucer? See it first on The Fets!... Read more
GOSSIP|Zagreb, Croatia|Best of Bestiarum

Best of Bestiarum

Elegy Ellem’s new Bat act was among highlights at the second Bestiarum, staged in Zagreb at the end of June... Read more

GOSSIP|Paris|Kudo at Couture Week

Atsuko Paris show

Atsuko Kudo’s collaboration with Charlie le Mindu on his second Paris Couture collection live-streams tonight ... Read more
GOSSIP|Berlin|Tales from Berlin

Tales from Berlin

Hot gossip from the Berlin weekend includes trade secrets from Fantastic Rubber and big changes in fetish publishing... Read more

GOSSIP|London|Gaga and Erin wear AK

Gaga’s biker gear

New pix from Atsuko Kudo feature Lady Gaga’s Born This Way biker outfit + supermodel Erin O’Connor in Flair magazine... Read more
GOSSIP|Germany|Fantastic ‘recall’

Fantastic ‘recall’

In the first ‘fetish fashion recall’, German catsuit specialist Fantastic Rubber offers to exchange suits made up to mid-2009... Read more

GOSSIP|London|Preaching movie restoration

Preaching revival

The campaign to fund restoration of Preaching to the Perverted passes its first target and heads for the second level... Read more
GOSSIP|London|RUB at Dukes

RUB back at Dukes

Club RUB is returning in April to the original City of London venue that really made the club’s name in the late ’90s... Read more

GOSSIP|Copenhagen, Denmark|Latexa closing sale

Latexa shuts shop

Danish retailer Latexa Fashion, the latest fetish firm to close its bricks- and-mortar store, is holding a store clearance sale... Read more
GOSSIP||New Year sales

January sales, jobs

Naucler Design holds closing sale, HMSlatex has January sale and Inner Sanctum offers job opportunities... Read more

GOSSIP|London|London Edge 2013

London Edge 2013

London’s big alternative fashion trade show LondonEdge is going more fetish friendly at its next event in January 2013... Read more
GOSSIP|Amsterdam|Czernich book at Wasteland

Czernich party

Wasteland Weekend begins with the launch party for Peter W Czernich’s new Fetish Photography book and exhibition... Read more

GOSSIP|Hamburg|Sanctum/Rubberluv sale


Well known latex labels Inner Sanctum and Rubberluv are both having pre-Christmas sales now, for one week only... Read more
GOSSIP|Amsterdam|Dominatrix fashion shows

Dominatrix shows

Designers from the UK, Germany and The Netherlands will provide fashion shows at next weekend’s Dominatrix party... Read more

GOSSIP|London|Rubber Catsuits URL

Rubber Catsuits url

It’s always quite an occasion when a really good descriptive URL for latex clothing comes back onto the market... Read more
GOSSIP|Bath, Avon|Fifty Shades merchandise

Fifty Shades merch

Lovehoney, the sex toy/clothing/ lingerie online retailer, is launching The Official Fifty Shades of Grey merchandise range... Read more

GOSSIP|Las Vegas|12 Inches reminder

12 Inches, 4 weeks

There’s still time to submit entries before the October 1 closing date of Las Vegas erotic art contest 12 Inches of Sin... Read more
GOSSIP|London|Rubber Cult launch

Rubber Cult’s birth

Unlikely though it may seem given its fetish history, London’s first dedicated rubber club launches in late September... Read more

GOSSIP|London|AK: L’Oréal to lingerie

L’Oréal to lingerie

After her L’Oréal show, news that Atsuko Kudo will stage a full catwalk show for Lingerie London this October ... Read more
GOSSIP|Warwick|Fetters July sale

Fetters July sale

Fetters, the British BDSM specialist, is offering up to 20% off in a sale following the refurbishing of its Warwick showroom... Read more

GOSSIP|Berlin|Très Bonjour Barbie

Très fetish Barbie

We’ve seen some fetish Barbies in our time but nothing as impressive as Très Bonjour’s couture latex creation... Read more
GOSSIP|London|Win with Libidex + Kudo

Win with Libidex

Libidex offers up to 70% off in LatexExpress Midsummer Madness sale plus chances to win vouchers worth up to £150... Read more

GOSSIP|Berlin|European Fetish Awards 2012

Euro Fetish Awards

Atsuko Kudo, Boombastic Rubber, Brigitte More and Fantastic Rubber win this year’s European Fetish Awards in Berlin... Read more
GOSSIP|London|What the Butler Saw

What Butler Saw

What the Butler Saw provides an appealing alternative to the official Diamond Jubilee celebrations in London on June 3... Read more

GOSSIP|London|Pure catsuit value

Pure catsuit value

Looking for a keenly-priced British- made latex catsuit? Pure catsuits, made to Murray&Vern’s original spec, are great value... Read more
GOSSIP|London|Kink Bar to open

Kink Bar to open

Tomorrow sees the launch of a different kind of kinky venue — a fetish bar of a kind not seen in the UK since the 1980s... Read more

GOSSIP|International|Facebook abuse rules

Facebook’s rules

Light has been shed on the rules Facebook applies when deciding whether to delete content from people’s profiles... Read more
GOSSIP|London|Birth of a sport

Birth of new sport

Ever wondered how photographers pass the time waiting for the next performance they need to shoot at a fetish party?... Read more

GOSSIP|Amsterdam|Europerve date

Europerve date

DeMask and Wasteland have chose the date we predicted for the relaunch of Europerve in May ... Read more
GOSSIP|Bremen, Germany|Taste of Taboo

Taste of Taboo

German photographer and Latex News editor Alexander Horn and friends are launching a new fetish party in Bremen... Read more

GOSSIP|Oxford|Luxury Latex Valentines

Luxury Valentines

Planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a rubbery gift? Check out Luxury Latex’s all-red Valentine’s Collection... Read more
GOSSIP|Amsterdam|Europerve returns

Europerve returns

After a 7-year break, Amsterdam’s famous Europerve party is being revived jointly by DeMask and Wasteland for 2012 ... Read more

GOSSIP|Sweden|Swedish site pulls pix

Site pulls pictures

UK latex designers have persuaded a Swedish website to remove all pirated images it was using to promote its business... Read more
GOSSIP|London|Bizarre Balls

Bizarre Balls end?

What is the future for London’s Bizarre Balls if the publishing company behind them is closing its events division?... Read more

GOSSIP|London|Kudo’s Gaga ballerinas

Kudo’s Gaga ballet

Atsuko Kudo makes latex ballerina costumes for latest Gaga video and joins Time Out’s 100 Best London Shops list... Read more
GOSSIP|London|Davenport jailed

Davenport is jailed

The owner of the London venue that hosted the 2009 Rubber Ball has been jailed for over seven years for fraud... Read more

GOSSIP|London|House of Harlot new store

Harlot store opens

House of Harlot opens its new shop in London’s East End just in time for the start of London Fetish Weekend this Friday... Read more
GOSSIP|London|Ectomorph bridal dress

Ectomorph bridal

Ectomorph’s latex bridal dress, worn by Rayna Terror, features in striking new photographs by Grant Ibtasama Masruuq... Read more

GOSSIP|Los Angeles|Venus show video

Venus show video

As a companion to our August cover story on Venus Prototype, you can now watch this fab HD video of her April LA fashion show... Read more
GOSSIP|London|Skin Two distribution

Skin 2 distributor

UK Distribution Services, the company that recently took Skin Two magazine onboard, has gone into administration... Read more

GOSSIP|London|Harlot’s new store

Harlot’s new store

House of Harlot’s relocation has gone well and its new shop will be opening very soon in a popular part of East London... Read more
GOSSIP|Germany/International|Marquis Issue 52

Marquis 52 is out

Issue 52 of Marquis has a cover story on Sister Sinister and a major interview with The Fetishistas’ Tony Mitchell... Read more

GOSSIP|London|Libidex summer sale

Libidex grand sale

Libidex’s Grand Summer Sale starts on Friday July 8, offering 30 percent off online purchases for the first seven days... Read more
GOSSIP|London|Skin Two price drop

Skin Two price cut

Tickets for Skin Two’s Rubber Ball on Saturday are now being offered at almost half price through some fetish websites... Read more

GOSSIP|London|Atsuko on the town

Atsuko on the town

Atsuko Kudo was seen celebrating the press coverage of her latest Lady Gaga outfit at Saturday’s Belle Epoque party... Read more
GOSSIP|London|Fettered Pleasures move

Fettered Pleasures

Fettered Pleasures, like House of Harlot, is also leaving Holloway Road, and is holding a sale of shop stock until June 25... Read more

GOSSIP|London|Harlot relocation sale

Harlot moving sale

House of Harlot is moving and is holding a relocation sale of shop and backroom stock alongside its current online sale ... Read more
GOSSIP|London|FOS site down

FOS goes off-line

Indulging in a little midweek browsing, we noticed a large gap in t’internet where festivalofsins.com used to be... Read more

GOSSIP|London|LatexExpress sale

LatexExpress sale

Libidex has relaunched its Instant Orders service as LatexExpress, and is holding a half-price flash sale to mark the rebranding... Read more
GOSSIP|London|LAM off, Gate open

S2 off; Gate, TG on

Skin Two LAM is cancelled, The Gate offers affordable alternative to Rubber Ball, and TG returns to HMS President in June... Read more

GOSSIP|Multiple locations|Lady Lucie skirt loss

Lucie skirt missing

A unique Lady Lucie Latex tartan skirt has gone missing somewhere in America while en route to a photoshoot ... Read more
GOSSIP|London|Designer needed

Designer needed

A well-established British latex label is looking for someone to take over design and fabrication of their quality clothing range... Read more

GOSSIP|London|Libidex royal sale

Libidex royal sale

With an eye on Britain’s royal nuptials, Libidex have been running a wedding-inspired Red White and Blue sale... Read more
GOSSIP|London|Atsuko NME cover

Atsuko NME cover

Deviant pop diva Lady Gaga appears on the cover of the NME in a see-through latex catsuit by who else but Atsuko Kudo... Read more

GOSSIP|Los Angeles|Venus/Mother copy

Venus/Mother copy

Venus Prototype exposes a pirate combining her latex dress and a Mother of London leather jacket in a single copying job... Read more
GOSSIP|Černá, Czech Republic|OWK sale

Other World sale

A sale this weekend of dungeon equipment may signal the end of a unique European institution: the Other World Kingdom... Read more

GOSSIP|London|Rubberluv site + tour

Rubberluv website

Rubberluv launches a much-improved website as it sets off for Barcelona and the first of this year’s European fetish weekends... Read more
GOSSIP|London|TG Birthday move

TG Birthday move

Torture Garden’s Birthday Ball plans for Debut in May have been scuppered and the party now takes place at the Coronet... Read more

GOSSIP|Los Angeles|Hollywood and Bind

Hollywood + Bind

Kink in the Caribbean and LA Kink Weekend promoter Robert Fluty is about to unleash his first monthly fetish night on LA... Read more
GOSSIP|Belgium|Kay models Rubear

Kay models Rubear

Kay Morgan and photographer Phoebus manage to shoot great Rubear images despite Belgian constitutional crisis ... Read more

GOSSIP|London|TG venue closure

TG venue closure

Debut (formerly SeOne), the venue for Torture Garden’s most extravagant parties, will close for good this September... Read more
GOSSIP|London|Expectations threat

Expectations fear

Expectations, the UK’s largest fetish store and one of its longest-surviving, faces possible closure by Hackney Council... Read more

GOSSIP|Los Angeles|New Katy Perry latex

More latex for Katy

There may have been no rubber wedding for Katy Perry and Russell Brand, but the singer’s love affair with latex continues... Read more
GOSSIP|London|Atomage book launch

Atomage party

When Fuel Design held a launch party for their Atomage book, our retro-clad model added some extra authenticity... Read more

GOSSIP|New York|Kerri Taylor/Gary Heller

Kerri T by Gary H

Brooklyn-based photographer Gary Heller’s shoot with Kerri Taylor suggests his new interest in fetish is not misplaced... Read more
GOSSIP|Plymouth|Westward Bound lacy latex

Westward get lacy

Jade Vixen and Sister Sinister are modelling lingerie from Westward Bound’s new upmarket Bordelle lace-print latex range... Read more

GOSSIP|Paris + Berlin|HMSlatex – WildAtHeart

HMSlatex go Wild

Berlin photographer and model WildAtHeart has shot beautiful images of HMSlatex outfits on three Berlin fetishistas... Read more
GOSSIP|London|Allan Amato workshop

Allan Amato clinic

Renowned American photographer Allan Amato hosts an Alternative/ Latex Workshop in London on Sunday October 10... Read more

GOSSIP|London|Facebook photography

Facebook photos

We’re aiming to give some of the best Facebook news feed pictures a longer shelf life by showing them in our Gossip Section... Read more
GOSSIP|Hamburg|Latexpo snapshot

Latexpo snapshot

Latexpo, just held in Hamburg, has probably strengthened the city’s claim to be Germany’s new venue for fetish fashion... Read more

GOSSIP|Los Angeles|Katy Perry’s latex

Katy Perry’s latex

The question of who costumes Katy Perry was on many lips after the singer’s appearances on British television in June... Read more
GOSSIP|France|Marie-Kalista’s catsuit

Marie-K’s catsuit

We had to share this stunning new Marcus Gloger image of the two-tone latex catsuit designed by model Marie-Kalista... Read more

GOSSIP|London|Fetish Aid

Fetish Aid for Katie

Fetish Aid, at London’s Resistance Gallery this Thursday (August 5), is a benefit for popular London scenester Katie ... Read more
GOSSIP|London|Fetish wedding on tv

TV fetish wedding

Although scenesters Veronika and Scott preferred a traditional ceremony, a fetish wedding on tv might appeal to some... Read more

GOSSIP|Baltic coast|Savage watersports

Savage conclusion

If you read our Savage-Wear article and wished there’d been a picture of the whirlpool end to their photo shoot, guess what... Read more
GOSSIP|London|MissFuzzyBunny arrives


We are delighted to announce a new addition to our writing team making her debut in August — the legendary MissFuzzyBunny!... Read more

GOSSIP|London|Sinful collaboration

Sinful October plan

The Fetishistas and Festival of Sins team up to present new fetish design talent when FoS moves to a big new venue... Read more
GOSSIP|Antwerp|Lucrezia dungeon death

Lucrezia fatality

The death of a client during or just after a BDSM session is probably the worst nightmare of any pro dominatrix ... Read more

GOSSIP|Amsterdam|Miss Fetish Europe

Miss Fetish Europe

French model Marie-Kalista has become the first winner of the brand new Miss Fetish Europe title at a Dutch ceremony... Read more
GOSSIP|London|Viktoria’s Evo Music

Vote for Viktoria

Viktoria Modesta needs our votes to be chosen as one of the “stars of tomorrow” appearing on Channel 4's Evo Music Rooms... Read more

GOSSIP|London|Libidex opening party

Libidex HQ party

Libidex/Radical Rubber celebrated their move to a new HQ and the birthday of owner Simon Rose with a party on Friday ... Read more
GOSSIP|London|New Year at TG

A Happy New Year!

We saw in the New Year in great style courtesy of Torture Garden, whose party at Mass almost didn’t happen... Read more

GOSSIP|London|Duran Chauffeur video

Duran’s Chauffeur

A kinky classic is rediscovered as we take a fresh look at Ian Emes’ 1983 video for Duran Duran’s The Chauffeur... Read more
GOSSIP|London|Ainsley-t shoe launch

Ainsley-t shoe-in

Stuart Thom’s Ainsley-t range of kink-inspired footwear had its fetish industry launch in London on December 9... Read more

GOSSIP|London|Club RUB venues

RUB goes Platinum

Club RUB hosts a one-off at Platinum Bar this weekend, and in January moves to a new venue in Vauxhall ... Read more
GOSSIP|London|London Halloween

London Halloween

With both AntiChrist and TG tipped to sell out, Halloween has quietly become London’s biggest gothic/ fetish party weekend... Read more

GOSSIP|London|Hogarth Brown show

Hogarth art show

Artist Hogarth Brown’s current London exhibition Trophallaxis references a fetish that will be new to many... Read more
GOSSIP|Chicago|Chicago mourns Swayze

Misses miss Swayze

Chicago’s VonLivid and Maya Sinstress are pictured dressed in mourners’ garb and clutching a framed portrait of Patrick Swayze... Read more

GOSSIP|Berlin|Minon exhibition

Minon shows talent

A July visit to Berlin allows Tony Mitchell to take in an impressive photography show by self-portrait specialist Minon ... Read more
GOSSIP||Dita on Eurovision

Dita on Eurovision

Dita’s mission to make Germany’s Eurovision entry more interesting was censored in the performance that viewers saw ... Read more

GOSSIP|London|StripLite rests

StripLite is resting

London club StripLite’s outing on Friday April 24 will be the last appearance of this fetish-friendly event for a while... Read more
GOSSIP|Copenhagen|3xl Skin Two scoop

3xl Skin Two scoop

OK we admit it: LustLoveLatex scooped us on the story of Skin Two magazine apparently acquiring a new owner... Read more

GOSSIP|London|Lady Lucie at FoS

Lady Lucie at FoS

Lady Lucie’s corsetry and latex fashion show provided a memorable climax to Festival of Sins on December 13... Read more
GOSSIP|London|Prong Xmas gifts

Prong Xmas gifts

With Christmas looming, where to look for gifts that won’t break the bank but are still kinkily cool? Try Prong... Read more

GOSSIP|Berlin|December party double

Drama in Berlin

Fetish Guerilla team up with Drama Nui in Berlin on Friday Dec 5 to host the pre-party for Saturday’s Bohème-Noir... Read more
GOSSIP|London|Flyer guys caught

Flyer guys caught

Two men were caught illegally flyering visitors to Passion at Earl’s Court on Saturday on behalf of fetish events ... Read more

GOSSIP|Berlin|Fetish Guerilla parties

KitKat Revolution

Fetish Guerilla kicks off the GFB weekend with Kinky Cocktails, and teams up with KitKat for this year’s Revolution... Read more
GOSSIP|Hollywood|Kudo Nip/Tuck

Atsuko’s Nip/Tuck

Couture latex queen Atsuko Kudo recently ‘got the call from Hollywood’ to dress sexy actress Tia Carrera... Read more

GOSSIP|London|Emma Delves-Broughton

Emma’s Seduction

Photographer Emma Delves-Broughton returns to La Galleria for her second London exhibition... Read more
GOSSIP|London|Xpo ’08’s lead

Xpo ’08 early lead

‘Unprecedented’ early commitment to the next Barbican Xpo has seen advance bookings for the 2008 event... Read more

GOSSIP|Manchester|Golden Lotus

Lotus postponed

Manchester’s fetish/alternative burlesque night House Of The Golden Lotus was postponed after venue problems... Read more
GOSSIP|London|TV model scouts

TV model scouts

A TV production company that makes programmes for a major UK channel will be checking out Xpo models on Friday... Read more

GOSSIP|Surrey|Belle de Jour

Billie plays Belle

Have you ever fantasised about ex-Doctor Who sidekick Billie Piper transforming herself into a rubber-clad mistress?... Read more
GOSSIP|Manchester|Pink Tank

Pink Tank Girl

Harlot Rouge adds a distinctly rubbery hue to the pinkness on display when the Sparkle Pink Tank hits Manchester... Read more

GOSSIP|London|Xpo Files

Tasty Xpo titbits

With the big event at the Barbican fast approaching, we extract some tasty morsels from The Xpo’s bulging files ... Read more
GOSSIP|Montreal|Project LatexLand

Project LatexLand

Montreal photographers Martin Perreault and Gil Perron set out to capture latex lovers in their (un)natural habitats... Read more