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Sophie Morgan life

Diary of a Submissive author Sophie Morgan shares her experiences as mainstream media’s new female BDSM expert...Read more

Women empowered

Scottish writer ‘Herbie’ on how the confident, vocal women in her friend circle really see feminism in a kink world...Read more

Kink v the tabloids

After the scandal that closed the News of the World, a look at close encounters with tabloids suffered by fetish folk...Read more

Mistress mythology

Veronica Hoffman, who died in 2009, wrote this essay exploding prodomme myths during  one of her happiest periods...Read more

Missy goffs it up

Our model columnist heads over to Carnaby St for a Nikita Sablier shoot and wears nude stockings for the very first time!...Read more

La Rouge on alt life

How do the majority of us who are not “professional pervs” judge when to let our fetish friends into our everyday lives?...Read more

Honeymoon sweet

New Fetishistas columnist Missy Starr makes her debut as dessert at May LR and David de Vynél’s London wedding party...Read more

Mlle La Rouge

In her first Fetishistas column, Mademoiselle La Rouge wonders why ‘serious’ BDSM players find it so hard to have fun...Read more

Autumn Fête

I’m sure I don’t need to remind our regular readers that the annual Autumn Church Fête will be held as usual...Read more

Next for newbies

Marina St Mark considers the etiquette newbies need to observe approaching potential play partners...Read more

Domitis strikes!

VonLivid dons her prodomme hat and tackles a problem which she fears is becoming endemic in the D/S scene: Domitis...Read more

Marina: newbie tips

LA’s Headmistress of Purgatory passes on tips for pervy girls from her experiences as a BDSM newbie...Read more