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Marquis makes 20

Earlier this month, Marquis magazine published its 60th issue, marking 20 years of life for Peter Czernich’s well-known fetish brand...Read more

Mass retrospective

Dave Darcy Edmond on what made TG’s Brixton home great, with galleries from top TG ’togs and more to come...Read more

Darcy: Kink Oscars

As an alternative to the official Oscars, film buff Dave ‘Darcy’ Edmond offers his own personal fetish movie top list...Read more

London fetish birth

The start of the modern fetish scene is documented in a first- night report Tony Mitchell wrote almost 30 years ago...Read more

Procaine and able

Few believed Germans mixed SM play and drugs until the arrest of six Munich dominas for alleged Procaine misuse...Read more

Fetish Gangs Pt 2

Dave ‘Darcy’ Edmond’s second Fetish Gangs article looks at newer gangs now to be found terrorising kinky events...Read more

Leigh Bowery day

As the ICA prepares its tribute to Leigh Bowery, Dave Edmond looks at the way his ideas are now being channelled by fetish...Read more

Modern fetish

Today’s scene was created by real people and actions, not ignorant spouting on fetish forums, says Dave Darcy Edmond...Read more

Video Nasties box

A new DVD box set recalls an extraordinary British era with a superb documentary and trailers for 72 banned nasties...Read more

Best of AtomAge

Some 23 years after his death, fetish pioneer John Sutcliffe and his AtomAge firm are recalled in Dressing for Pleasure...Read more

Justify her revenge

Insung Hwang’s neo-noir movie Justify tells the story of a woman seeking revenge on the dominatrix who killed her dad...Read more

Russia kink primer

An insider’s introduction to the emerging Russian fetish scene by our Moscow correspondent Christine Davydova...Read more

London fet gangs

Learn how to recognise London’s indigenous fetish species and you can enjoy spotting them at clubs, says Dave Edmond...Read more

The Sealwear story

Sealwear was a key player in the growth of Britain’s post-war fetish scene. We tell the story of this classic rubber brand...Read more