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Clash of unicorns

London designer Amy Day was furious after finding Berlin’s Fantastic Rubber had made a version of her famous unicorn outfit...Read more

Acworth opens up

Bad press has dented the ‘ethical’ reputation of kink.com. CEO Peter Acworth decides to get his side across in a new blog ...Read more

Models v Kink.com

Why BDSM company Kink.com, known for its ethical treatment of staff and models, faces legal action by some performers...Read more

Emma DB v Harlot

Photographer Delves-Broughton wins copyright case against House of Harlot — trial report + comment by Tony Mitchell...Read more

Breast implant row

PIP toxic implant victim Eliza-Beth campaigns for justice after having to replace her leaking implants at her own expense...Read more

Abuse in BDSM

Kitty Stryker explains why it’s time the BDSM community stopped turning a blind eye to the abusive doms in its midst...Read more

AquaLatex Volksuit

Heidi Patterson was so intrigued by Aqua Latex’s £40 catsuit offer that she decided to order one. Here’s what she thought...Read more

Catfish copycats

A trade circular from a big Chinese latex pirate cheekily pushes its catalogue of copies to some of the original designers ...Read more

Latex pirates ahoy!

Heidi Patterson’s special report examines the growing problem of latex copycats and explains how we can sink the pirates...Read more

Stop club wankers!

Fetish club promoters’ tolerance of club wankers can make things very unpleasant for female patrons, says MissFuzzyBunny...Read more

Burlesque ‘victory’

Protesters have claimed victory following Wednesday’s march to stop Camden Council reclassifying burlesque venues...Read more

TG on ID checks

ID is required for TG’s Birthday at SeOne. David TG explains why they’ve had to make the best of a bad situation...Read more

Stop anti-SM law

With less than a month left to stop Britain’s anti-BDSM law, we are all urged to contact members of the House of Lords ...Read more

Dangerous pictures

Britain’s Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill specifically targets pictures, not actions, warns Backlash ...Read more

Women for kink!

Penny Worth urges women to protest against the imminent British law banning ‘violent’ porn...Read more

VonLivid in colour

Young, gifted and black — VonLivid celebrates the people of colour finally making their mark on the global fetish scene...Read more