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FEATURES|Issues|Am Statik v Fantastic Rubber

Clash of unicorns

London designer Amy Day was furious after finding Berlin’s Fantastic Rubber had made a version of her famous unicorn outfit... Read more
FEATURES|Profiles|Bunny Yeager dies

Bunny Yeager dies

Bunny Yeager, the photographer who helped turn Bettie Page into a top glamour model, dies on the eve of a new exhibition... Read more

FEATURES|Kink Culture|Marquis makes 20

Marquis makes 20

Earlier this month, Marquis magazine published its 60th issue, marking 20 years of life for Peter Czernich’s well-known fetish brand... Read more
FEATURES|Profiles|Velda Lauder dies

RIP Velda Lauder

Corsetière Velda Lauder has died suddenly while on a trip to Dublin. We have updated our original report/tribute and bio... Read more

FEATURES|Issues|Acworth opens up

Acworth opens up

Bad press has dented the ‘ethical’ reputation of kink.com. CEO Peter Acworth decides to get his side across in a new blog ... Read more
FEATURES|Profiles|Studio Wanda Madrid

Wanda Madrid

Mistress Natalie explains her concept for Spain’s big new femdom studio and Fetters’ part in its realisation... Read more

FEATURES|Columns|Sophie Morgan’s life

Sophie Morgan life

Diary of a Submissive author Sophie Morgan shares her experiences as mainstream media’s new female BDSM expert... Read more
FEATURES|Issues|Models v Kink.com

Models v Kink.com

Why BDSM company Kink.com, known for its ethical treatment of staff and models, faces legal action by some performers... Read more

FEATURES|Columns|Female empowerment

Women empowered

Scottish writer ‘Herbie’ on how the confident, vocal women in her friend circle really see feminism in a kink world... Read more
FEATURES|Issues|Delves-Broughton v HoH

Emma DB v Harlot

Photographer Delves-Broughton wins copyright case against House of Harlot — trial report + comment by Tony Mitchell... Read more

FEATURES|Kink Culture|Mass retrospective

Mass retrospective

Dave Darcy Edmond on what made TG’s Brixton home great, with galleries from top TG ’togs and more to come... Read more
FEATURES|Kink Culture|Darcy’s Kinky Oscars

Darcy: Kink Oscars

As an alternative to the official Oscars, film buff Dave ‘Darcy’ Edmond offers his own personal fetish movie top list... Read more

FEATURES|Issues|Breast implant campaign

Breast implant row

PIP toxic implant victim Eliza-Beth campaigns for justice after having to replace her leaking implants at her own expense... Read more
FEATURES|Issues|Abuse in BDSM

Abuse in BDSM

Kitty Stryker explains why it’s time the BDSM community stopped turning a blind eye to the abusive doms in its midst... Read more

FEATURES|Webwatch|New Year knock-offs

New knock-offs

Copycat expert Heidi Patterson marks the cards of new latex piracy operations that have recently come to her attention... Read more
FEATURES|Kink Culture|Birth of fetish

London fetish birth

The start of the modern fetish scene is documented in a first- night report Tony Mitchell wrote almost 30 years ago... Read more

FEATURES|Kink Culture|Dominas and Procaine

Procaine and able

Few believed Germans mixed SM play and drugs until the arrest of six Munich dominas for alleged Procaine misuse... Read more
FEATURES|Interviews|Archean interview

Archean interview

Engineer and latex blogger Archean may be Miss Rubber World, but her writing and advocacy show she’s no mere figurehead... Read more

FEATURES|Issues|Aqua Latex ‘Volksuit’

AquaLatex Volksuit

Heidi Patterson was so intrigued by Aqua Latex’s £40 catsuit offer that she decided to order one. Here’s what she thought... Read more
FEATURES|Columns|Kink and the tabloids

Kink v the tabloids

After the scandal that closed the News of the World, a look at close encounters with tabloids suffered by fetish folk... Read more

FEATURES|Issues|Latex Catfish copies

Catfish copycats

A trade circular from a big Chinese latex pirate cheekily pushes its catalogue of copies to some of the original designers ... Read more
FEATURES|Kink Culture|Fetish Gangs Part 2

Fetish Gangs Pt 2

Dave ‘Darcy’ Edmond’s second Fetish Gangs article looks at newer gangs now to be found terrorising kinky events... Read more

FEATURES|Webwatch|Stockroom lawsuit

Stockroom’s story

After much forum speculation on Stockroom’s lawsuit against Abigail Greydanus, owner Joel Tucker responds on Fetlife... Read more
FEATURES|Issues|Latex piracy

Latex pirates ahoy!

Heidi Patterson’s special report examines the growing problem of latex copycats and explains how we can sink the pirates... Read more

FEATURES|Kink Culture|Leigh Bowery: Sunshine

Leigh Bowery day

As the ICA prepares its tribute to Leigh Bowery, Dave Edmond looks at the way his ideas are now being channelled by fetish... Read more
FEATURES|Kink Culture|Modern fetish

Modern fetish

Today’s scene was created by real people and actions, not ignorant spouting on fetish forums, says Dave Darcy Edmond... Read more

FEATURES|Kink Culture|Video Nasties

Video Nasties box

A new DVD box set recalls an extraordinary British era with a superb documentary and trailers for 72 banned nasties... Read more
FEATURES|Kink Culture|Dressing for Pleasure

Best of AtomAge

Some 23 years after his death, fetish pioneer John Sutcliffe and his AtomAge firm are recalled in Dressing for Pleasure... Read more

FEATURES|Issues|Club wankers

Stop club wankers!

Fetish club promoters’ tolerance of club wankers can make things very unpleasant for female patrons, says MissFuzzyBunny... Read more
FEATURES|Columns|Mistress myths exploded

Mistress mythology

Veronica Hoffman, who died in 2009, wrote this essay exploding prodomme myths during  one of her happiest periods... Read more

FEATURES|Profiles|John Colby obituary

Khufu’s John Colby

John Colby, who has died aged 41, was an artist whose Madame Khufu sculptured leather masks garnered many plaudits... Read more
FEATURES|Profiles|Amy Crowder

Amy Crowder RIP

The death of Wasp Creations’ Amy Crowder in May prompted dark speculation that now, thankfully, seems groundless... Read more

FEATURES|Kink Culture|Justify

Justify her revenge

Insung Hwang’s neo-noir movie Justify tells the story of a woman seeking revenge on the dominatrix who killed her dad... Read more
FEATURES|Profiles|Veronica Hoffman tribute

More Ms Veronica

Updated on her birthday, our tribute to Veronica Hoffman now adds memories and personal pix from Joseph Bishara... Read more

FEATURES|Columns|Missy’s Sablier shoot

Missy goffs it up

Our model columnist heads over to Carnaby St for a Nikita Sablier shoot and wears nude stockings for the very first time!... Read more
FEATURES|Columns|Mlle La Rouge: 02

La Rouge on alt life

How do the majority of us who are not “professional pervs” judge when to let our fetish friends into our everyday lives?... Read more

FEATURES|Kink Culture|Moscow fetish

Russia kink primer

An insider’s introduction to the emerging Russian fetish scene by our Moscow correspondent Christine Davydova... Read more
FEATURES|Past Covers|Xpo 09 cancellation

Xpo 09 cancelled

Tony Mitchell considers the cancellation of London’s 2009 Xpo and talks exclusively to organiser Cathy Norris... Read more

FEATURES|Issues|Burlesque protest

Burlesque ‘victory’

Protesters have claimed victory following Wednesday’s march to stop Camden Council reclassifying burlesque venues... Read more
FEATURES|Columns|Missy Starr plays it sweet

Honeymoon sweet

New Fetishistas columnist Missy Starr makes her debut as dessert at May LR and David de Vynél’s London wedding party... Read more

FEATURES|Issues|TG ID checks

TG on ID checks

ID is required for TG’s Birthday at SeOne. David TG explains why they’ve had to make the best of a bad situation... Read more
FEATURES|Columns|Mlle La Rouge: 01

Mlle La Rouge

In her first Fetishistas column, Mademoiselle La Rouge wonders why ‘serious’ BDSM players find it so hard to have fun... Read more

FEATURES|Kink Culture|London fetish gangs

London fet gangs

Learn how to recognise London’s indigenous fetish species and you can enjoy spotting them at clubs, says Dave Edmond... Read more
FEATURES|Issues|Anti-BDSM law

Stop anti-SM law

With less than a month left to stop Britain’s anti-BDSM law, we are all urged to contact members of the House of Lords ... Read more

FEATURES|Kink Culture|Sealwear story

The Sealwear story

Sealwear was a key player in the growth of Britain’s post-war fetish scene. We tell the story of this classic rubber brand... Read more
FEATURES|Past Covers|Fashion update

More Xpo fashion

This updated Xpo exhibitor preview focuses on the numerous clothing and accessory labels at the Barbican in October... Read more


Room for Rebecca

Rebecca’s Rubber Room is the online showcase for one of America’s most genuinely sensual pervy performers... Read more
FEATURES|Past Covers|Katja Ehrhardt

Katja Ehrhardt Xpo

Katja Ehrhardt’s latex appeals to fetish and non-fetish tastes; she also shoots exquisite photography for HighGlossDolls... Read more

FEATURES|Columns|Parish news

Autumn Fête

I’m sure I don’t need to remind our regular readers that the annual Autumn Church Fête will be held as usual... Read more
FEATURES|Issues|Criminal Justice Bill

Dangerous pictures

Britain’s Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill specifically targets pictures, not actions, warns Backlash ... Read more

FEATURES|Past Covers|Overt Clothing

Overt Clothing

The deserving recipient of some Xpo largesse this year is Heather Meikle, a young designer from Edinburgh... Read more
FEATURES|Profiles|London Alternative Market

Shopping at LAM

Fetish markets occupy a variable place in the affections of the pervy community. We visit London’s latest fair... Read more

FEATURES|Webwatch|Hit Girl

Hit Girl double life

Beverley Glick’s double life as an ’80s pop journalist and fetish queen is documented in her entertaining blog... Read more
FEATURES|Issues|Anti-BDSM law

Women for kink!

Penny Worth urges women to protest against the imminent British law banning ‘violent’ porn... Read more

FEATURES|Columns|Marina St Mark

Next for newbies

Marina St Mark considers the etiquette newbies need to observe approaching potential play partners... Read more

Domitis strikes!

VonLivid dons her prodomme hat and tackles a problem which she fears is becoming endemic in the D/S scene: Domitis... Read more

FEATURES|Webwatch|MySpace top models

MySpace top girls

Wondered which fetish models are best at the MySpace numbers game? We reveal the names of MySpace’s 30 top kinksters ... Read more

VonLivid in colour

Young, gifted and black — VonLivid celebrates the people of colour finally making their mark on the global fetish scene... Read more

FEATURES|Columns|Marina St Mark

Marina: newbie tips

LA’s Headmistress of Purgatory passes on tips for pervy girls from her experiences as a BDSM newbie... Read more