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Lady Ana Latex: well priced Brit-made basics for TGirls

Tired of the inflated prices crossdressers must often pay for clothes to fit, TGirl Erika Ridley has launched her own Lady Ana range of male-fit women’s latex. Heidi Patterson gets the lowdown, plus some hot TG tips and news of a 20% Fetishistas discount!

FIT FOR PURPOSE: Erika Ridley has launched a British-made range of women’s latex styles especially for crossdressers

Crossdressing is a phenomenally popular niche in the latex fetish community, but it can be an extremely costly look to pull off successfully for most men.

In the past, male latex crossdressers have often resorted to poorly fitting garments designed for a female figure, or found a designer willing to cut ladies’ clothes to a man’s proportions, and paid a premium for decent gear.

The really successful crossdressers I’ve met have almost always gone the made-to-measure route, or have taken up latex crafting for themselves, or just happen to have figures which can pass in womenswear.

Of course, more often in the fetish sites, one encounters much less successful (disastrous!) attempts, often involving moulded latex, poorly constructed undergarments and ghastly wigs.

The many Chinese merchants on eBay seem lately to be the go-to guys for these early and often unfortunate attempts, which end up costing a man a lot of extra money for something that ultimately is not very good at all.

When I read a forum post from my friend Lady AnaMorphic (aka Erika Ridley) announcing her new latex line, Lady Ana Latex, for transvestites, I was both relieved and very  pleased, because this is what latex crossdressers have needed for a very long time — reliable, well-made womenswear cut with men’s bodies in mind.

For Erika, the process of transformation has been costly and oftentimes frustrating. She says: “The tranny market is huge, yet oversold with rubbish and mass produced items feeding a market that is basically a second wardrobe.

“I personally think it wrong of the likes of Transformation (who were actually one of the first UK tranny retail companies) to sell second wardrobe items at over-inflated prices to men who cannot easily walk into a shop and buy themselves a dress.”

Luckily things got a bit easier for Erika after meeting David and Simon Hutton, of Daxine (the Manchester go-to manufacturer/secret weapon for many a well-dressed scenester), whose made-to-measure skills solved the problem of ill-fitting corsets, catsuits and tops.

Erika's earlier plans for a line were scuttled, however, after David died about 18 months ago, leading her back to square one in finding someone reliable to take on the challenge.

Sadly, several UK firms she contacted refused the commission, or even worse, never bothered with a response to Erika's e-mails. Chinese firms, while initially more responsive than many of the established UK designers, were ultimately ruled out, after Erika purchased a number of test garments but found a lot of inconsistency in quality.

Sadly, several UK latex firms contacted by Erika turned down the chance to make her line, or even worse, never responded to her e-mails

“Although many Chinese people speak English, it’s not as though I could easily pop on a plane and go to China to discuss my plans,” she explains, “so I quickly dismissed this as a solution to being able to offer a quality product.”

Ultimately, Erika found an English manufacturing partner willing to take on the challenge — a well-established designer known in the scene for creating superb, well-made corsets and  latex catsuits, but who for business reasons prefers to remain anonymous.

The current results of their collaboration are four perfect core pieces, described here with Erika’s comments in quotes:

A three-way front zip catsuit “which fits in all the right places”.

An underbust corset “which I have to say is the best rubber corset I have ever come across as it fits, is very strong and pulls in extremely well”. This is available in 2 busk front lengths of 12in (30.5cm) and 14in (35.5cm), with the 14in variant sold as standard in the tranny range.

A plain blouse that is “gorgeous, well-cut and figure-flattering” with long sleeves, epaulets and false front pockets.

A knee-length hobble skirt with a short zip at the back, “made in such a way that it will flatter almost every body shape and bum”.

Erika is also currently offering moulded accessories from British manufacturer Denber Rubber, and as the business builds, hopes to increase the current size range. Erika is also hoping to add new designs for the 2012 party season.

Personally, I think it’s great seeing these styles, because they fit properly, they're tasteful and modern-looking and they're designed to last.

They don't hurt my eyes with horrifically over-the-top styling and colour combinations, flame appliqués or gigantic comical inflated megaboobs.

While the range may at first seem limited to a man aching to transform himself, I really would like to stress how important it is to nail the basics before attempting more ambitious looks.

This is certainly Erika Ridley’s advice, and her first Lady Ana garments — the result of a knowledgeable and committed crossdresser's wide range of experience — look like a great way to jumpstart a successful latex TGirl wardrobe!

Clearly it’s still early days for the Lady Ana Latex range, but on the basis of what I’ve seen so far, I would highly recommend the range not just to crossdressers but also to genetic females!

While the range may at first seem limited to a man aching to transform himself, I really must stress how important it is to nail the basics first

Tuesday, 3 April 2012


Latex crossdressing 101
Erika’s TG tips

When Erika Ridley began her journey into crossdressing and gender expression she “had no clue” as to what was available. She bought clothing, make-up and garments “on a whim, and based on how it looked on a particular model in a catalogue or magazine”.

The problem here, Erika explains, is that very often the model in question is a genetic female “and what looks good on her probably won't look at all like that on me or any other TGirl”.

So here is a brief list of quality products that Erika recommends. More comprehensive and regularly updated information can be found on the LadyAnaMorphic.com website.

A decent pair of breastforms is absolutely essential, Erika advises. “But do remember that no matter how we try to disguise or emphasise them, they will never look like the real deal.

“My advice is to steer clear of eBay and buy from specialist retailers like Bosom Friends.”

A moulded rubber bra is better for looser fitting latex items. Erika recommends going down one size lower than your breast forms, which will allow them to sit comfortably on your body while being anchored in place by the secure- fitting bra, giving a more realistic line beneath.

Make-up is probably one of the toughest things to get right. Erika has tested and tweaked her routine extensively for the last ten years, and is happiest with Estee Lauder Maximum Cover foundation.

A darker shade is usually better to camouflage hair growth — a lighter shade can be used if you have had laser treatments to reduce growth. Erika finishes with a loose powder from Amsterdam theatrical specialist Back Stage.

And finally, “Perhaps the single most important issue when dressing up is to feel comfortable not only by yourself but also in the company of others,” Erika reckons.

“For many trannies, dressing up is a regular fix whether it be at home in front of a mirror, a night out dancing with your dearest friends or simply for a meal with the family.

“No matter what you choose to do with dressing up, you must treat it like a hobby and spend time researching what is available, plan ahead and seek out other people who can offer you help and support.


About Erika Radley + our 20%
Fetishistas discount!

I first met Erika in 2004 when she visited a mutual friend In Copenhagen — writes Heidi Patterson.

We got to know each other further when we met up in 2005 at a Jysk rubberist summer camp. I've always admired Erika's style, and find her to be one of the kindest people I’ve met in Europe, in and out of the fetish community.

Most friends refer to her as Erika Radley, although the site itself goes by the name Lady AnaMorphic, which Erika chose because "Lady AnaMorphic is a play on words: Lady — more than a mistress and about sums up how I like to be seen by others; and Anamorphic — squeezing to fit into latex, corsets etc, like a widescreen movie on a standard screen”.

Like many fetishists, Erika first discovered latex and kink in her teens, and has remained enthralled throughout her life. She grew up in England, but realised her dream of living in Europe about ten years ago, when an airline contract brought her to Amsterdam.  

Although the contract ended, Erika decided to remain in Amsterdam and focus her energies on her pay site and her new clothing venture. She says:

“My goal with the site is for people to stop by and use the free content as a source of reference. The links pages are constantly reviewed, checked and sometimes removed depending on how relevant they are to what I am doing”

Erika is offering as a special promotion for fans of The Fetishistas until 1st June 2012: a 20 percent discount across the range for all of her products (applied before VAT). Visit her online shop (below), insert coupon code FET01A where indicated and the discount will be applied at checkout.

Heidi Patterson/Essential Latex
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