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LOOK, IT’S ME! Latex queen Susan Wayland poses with her first photography book at the Leipzig Book Fair

Susan Wayland: the story of Erotic Latex Fetish Glamour

Top German latex model Susan Wayland, aka Sway, and photographer Norman Richter have produced their first photography book. Here, Susan tells us in her own words how the project was conceived, published and eventually launched at a big European book fair

“The book Susan Wayland — Erotic Latex Fetish Glamour is the first book featuring pictures by Norman Richter and me, and we are immensely proud of it.

We had considered publishing a pictorial book ourselves, but during our research and planning stage we found out that it was a task that transcended our capabilities and required a professional with the necessary know-how, such as a reputable publishing house.

We delayed the project until we could find someone suitable who would guarantee to meet our high standards in regards of quality and final results were met. That happened when the publishing house Horgenbooks became aware of the quality of Norman’s work, and approached us with incredible enthusiasm and confidence.

Their idea was to publish a book featuring latex-related photography that showcased the incomparable visual artistry of Norman Richter in portraying me, his model, in our own original, creative way.

Every facet of our work to date needed to find a place in the proposed book, including the aforementioned quality requirements, but also aesthetics, sophistication, a certain sensibility towards eroticism and our glowing passion for latex.

The book is filled only with the most recent, most beautiful, most powerful and most fascinating images that have ever graced our site, www.susanwayland.com.

It represents the best creative ideas that stemmed from our passion for making previously unseen and out-of-the-ordinary latex-related photography. It shows in some of the most unlikely ways how fascinating, alluring, aesthetic and erotic latex photography can be.

It educates the reader about the use of latex, and that it does not have to be related to BDSM, bondage or even pornography; moreover, it represents latex as a unique material, which it undoubtedly is, and introduces it as a new and enticing way of viewing and enjoying eroticism without a cheap aftertaste.

This picture book also promotes the latest, best and most colourful in latex couture, from corsets, mini dresses, bikinis and catsuits, all the way to uniforms. The fusion of lively and vibrant colours, the accentuated femininity and incredibly beautiful backdrops and sceneries, scented with a touch of sensual eroticism… all are flawlessly grasped within the images in the book.

There are 15 chapters, each representing a latex-related leitmotif — from the boundless power and strength of a tightly knotted latex corset to the rigidity yet flexibility of a latex uniform.

The book begins with an insightful introduction by Dr Paul Sernine, who is very familiar with our work and prepares the reader for the subject matter at its core. At the end, there is some information about the photographer and the model. These are the books only texts, both presented in German and English.

I was asked very often which of the featured sessions was my personal favourite. I was reluctant to pick one, because all of them are very dear to my heart. But lately I have found myself drawn increasingly towards the section that was titled Dreamful Red Wet Catsuit, which is also featured on the cover of the book.

We managed to intertwine therein so many elements that are capable of enthralling the reader in conscious and subliminal ways that I cannot ignore how powerful, expressive, emotionally charged and already timeless these photographs seem to be.

To make it simple, each and every time my eye catches a glimpse of the cover photo, I feel content that what we created there is the essence of good photography.

The international launch of Susan Wayland — Erotic Latex Fetish Glamour took place at the Leipzig Book Fair in March this year. The whole publishing team was very enthusiastic about Norman and me they insisted that our work deserved to be presented to a much broader audience.

They persuaded us that we deserved a stand in the art section of the Book Fair. We were flattered and elated, but also a bit anxious about how the public would react. It is not very common that a pictorial featuring latex photography is presented at such an illustrious event.

We could not wait to see how visitors would respond. But we need not have worried — we brought enough positive impressions from the Leipzig Book Fair to last us a lifetime.

The visiting crowd was very interested and genuinely curious about out book. Surprisingly many women were intrigued by and enthusiastic about the contents. I personally found that to be very rewarding and inspiring. There were also some individuals who had no prior knowledge of latex whatsoever and were fascinated by it.

For the rest of 2011 I have a lot of new ideas and great plans that I want to tackle. There are several larger projects being considered at this time, but I do not want to publicise them prematurely.

All I can reveal for now is that Norman and I are going to pursue some new and uncharted territories, aiming to become more exclusive, more exciting and hopefully also even more popular!”

‘Many women at the fair were intrigued by and enthusiastic about the contents. I personally found that to be very rewarding and inspiring’

Sunday, 3 July 2011


Susan Wayland:
Erotic Latex Fetish Glamour

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Susan Wayland: Erotic Latex Fetish Glamour showcases the work of model Susan Wayland and photographer Norman Richter, with texts by Dr Paul Sernine, Susan Wayland and Norman Richter

Book size: 200 x 270mm
192 pages, 231 pictures

The book is available at €39.90 unsigned or €59.90 signed from the Horgen Books website below

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