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TALENT|All Talent|Libidex Mademoiselle

Mademoiselle Libi

The new Mademoiselle Collection from Libidex comprises 160 latex styles; we take a close look at some of the hottest ... Read more
TALENT|All Talent|Ainsley-t shoes

Ainsley-t shoes

The Ainsley-t range of designer fetish shoes drops prices, adds new retail outlets and gets exhibited in European museums ... Read more

TALENT|All Talent|Kim West’s shop

Kim West’s shop

After returning to latex fashion as an online label, chlorination fan Kim West opens a proper shop near her London home... Read more
TALENT|All Talent|Silky Latex

Silky Latex offer

DeMask Dortmund celebrates five years of Silky Latex computerised chlorination process with a 25% discount offer... Read more

TALENT|All Talent|Amy Kingsmill

Amy makes a stand

Performance artist Amy Kingsmill’s motionless marathon at her CSM grad show drew powerfully on fetish rituals/visuals... Read more
TALENT|All Talent|Ego Assassin Colony

Assassin’s Colony

Toronto-based latex label Ego Assassin has just launched its new Colony collection with distinctive laser-cut hex pattern... Read more

TALENT|All Talent|Alex Day’s FrightFest style

Day for Fright

Stylist Alexandra Day tells the story behind the striking latex look she created for Film4’s FrightFest TV and cinema promos... Read more
TALENT|All Talent|Michelle Mildenhall latex art

Michelle’s latex art

Michelle Mildenhall is a UK-based artist combining striking imagery with her passion for latex in a new and innovative way... Read more

TALENT|All Talent|Anatomic’s Marilyns

Anatomic Marilyn

Madeline Warren has produced a latex collection to mark the 50th anniversary of Marilyn Monroe’s death this August... Read more
TALENT|All Talent|Ardita FF and Marie Tomeoki

Art meets Ardita

A chance encounter on YouTube leads to a collaboration between Ardita Fetish Fashion and Toronto artist Marie Tomeoki... Read more

TALENT|All Talent|Lady Ana Latex

Lady Ana Latex

TGirl Erika Ridley has launched the Lady Ana range of male-fit women’s latex, with a 20% discount to Fetishistas fans... Read more
TALENT|All Talent|Velda Lauder Purple Heart

Purple Heart Velda

Velda Lauder’s Purple Heart corset range launches with a supporting cast of lingerie and more, shot by Regis Hertrich... Read more

TALENT|All Talent|Fetters hoods

Fetters headtrips

The popularity of hoods in fetish fashion has meant soaring sales at Britain’s most famous purveyor of bondagewear... Read more
TALENT|All Talent|Ainsley-t Bedroom Shoes

Bedroom shoes

Ainsley-t designer Stuart Thom has created Bedroom Shoes, a range of seductive footwear exclusively for My yoyo... Read more

TALENT|All Talent|Luxury Latex

Shop Luxury Latex

Kim West’s new online store sells Kim West latex, in-house label LLXX, and several young designer capsule collections... Read more
TALENT|All Talent|DIY latex scene

DIY latex scene

Emma Alexa looks at why DIY latex has become so popular, and reckons firms can’t beat it, so they should join it... Read more

TALENT|All Talent|Arcanum Accessories


After five years of her Lickorishlatex label, Brit designer Joanna Degisi takes a new direction with Arcanum Accessories... Read more
TALENT|All Talent|LTX Clothing

LTX Clothing

LTX Clothing is a husband-and-wife design team in Poland specialising in latex lingerie and lingerie-inspired garments... Read more

TALENT|All Talent|Susan Wayland book

Sway’s photo book

Top German latex model Susan Wayland tells the story behind her first photo-book with photographer Norman Richter... Read more

Eustratia specific

Designer Stacey Black interviewed and her distinctive creations show- cased on the eve of Eustratia’s TG fashion show debut... Read more

TALENT|Performers|Feterati Girls

Feterati Girls debut

Latex-loving dance troupe Feterati Girls aim to bring a new level of professionalism to performance with their FoS debut... Read more
TALENT|Models|Brittany Hughes

Who is Brittany?

Brittany Hughes is a new name to fetish whose slick model website is a precursor to the launch of her latex couture label... Read more

TALENT|Performers|Chrys Columbine

Chrys Columbine

She trained in ballet, acting and classical piano before her interests in bondage and fetish exposed her to burlesque... Read more
TALENT|Designers|Lady Lucie

Lady Lucie at TG

About to show at TG’s Easter Ball, costumier Lucie can turn her hand to couture latex and serious corsets with equal skill... Read more


Mosh by Vance

Born in the Soviet Union but now resident in America, Mosh is a fetish natural at the age of 18. Photography by Vance... Read more
TALENT|Models|Bloody Cherry

Bloody Cherry

In Berlin for the German Fetish Ball, Bloody Cherry turned more heads and was pursued by more photographers... Read more