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Fetish Worlds: Sway to go!

THIS SWAY UP: It’s hard to fault Marquis’ choice of Susan Wayland for its first Fetish Worlds DVD

Susan Wayland (www.susanwayland.com)
Marquis Media (www.marquis.de)       

It’s hard to fault Marquis magazine’s choice of top German latex pin-up/fetish pornstar Sway, aka Susan Wayland, as the first subject of its new Fetish Worlds DVD series.

Sway has the kind of image that’s spot-on for fans of Marquis’ style of fetish glamour photography, and I dare say she appeals to a fair number of devotees of its stablemate Heavy Rubber too.

The Fetish Worlds series will apparently present “selected clips from the best fetish studios”, which suggests it is repurposing existing content rather than financing the production of new material.

Given Marquis’ past experience of having its original material immediately ripped to free file-sharing sites — a practice that has punched an industry-wide hole in DVD sales — this seems a sensible way of minimising financial risk while still making good quality content available to its audience.

And there is not doubt that in terms both of production values and the particular allure of Ms Wayland, what’s on this DVD certainly is good quality content.

The disc is divided into two chapters offering a total of nine very rubbery vignettes, which all look to have been shot at the same posh-looking, Mediterranean-style villa, mostly outdoors and mostly, if not entirely, in bright natural light.

Much use is made of various poolside settings, but courtyard, kitchen and garden are also used as backdrops for the model to lube herself up in a selection of tasty latex outfits. And boy, is there a lot of lubing! What was spent on lube in these clips would probably feed a family of four in Hackney for a month.

Most of the clips feature an unobtrusive electronic soundtrack over the live sound, which consists almost entirely of silence, punctuated by occasional gurgling water, the odd bit of latex “crackle” as lube is applied or garments put on/removed, and random wind noise — though not from the model, I hasten to add.

In fact Sway herself says nary a word, confining herself to communicating her feelings entirely by rubbing herself all over and flashing the enigmatic smile that fans of hers know so well.

Is a smile all that she flashes? No it is not. But it has to be said that the lady remains mostly covered most of the time — albeit often very teasingly so — and anyone who imagines that all the latex is but a prelude to some totally-back-to-nature strip-athon will be deeply disappointed.

Spending a lot of time as I do in the world of latex fashion, I found myself at least as intrigued by the outfits as by what Sway was doing while wearing them.

For me, part of the fun was in trying to work out whether certain outfits were one-piece creations or combos before the answer became clear (as it generally did, eventually).

The way the nine different outfits here are layered, or designed to appear layered, is very well thought out from the point of view of Things That Intrigue Latex Fetishists.

For example, something that at first appeared to be a leotard would turn out to be a skintight top and separate thong; legwear that appeared to be latex leggings fused with spike-heeled latex boots later seemed, after all, to be just really well-fitting separates; and what at first looked like tights was revealed eventually to be a full catsuit in semi-trans, flesh-coloured latex.

Naturally I was also trying to guess who had made some of the stunning outfits she wears here.

Was that one by Marquis? Was this one a Simon O or an HW-Design creation? It’s a shame styling information is not included on the clips or the box blurb, as this DVD is also a damned good advertisement for latex clothing design.

In one respect, however, the DVD delivers more than the box promises. Approximate running time is stated at 90 minutes, but when I added up the separate run-times of the clips (which vary in length from just under seven to just over 18 minutes), I got a total (allowing for title sequences and fades) of more like 115 minutes.

This makes the asking price of €29.95 somewhat better value than it might at first appear — though perhaps still more than a lot of people expect to pay in these days of downloading pirated versions of everything for free.

If however you’re enough of a Sway fan to consider a DVD like this worth adding to your physical collection, you can buy it online from the model’s website or from Marquis, and I seriously doubt you’ll be disappointed. TM

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

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