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Some kinky Christmas Holly

SEAMS NICE? Cover girl Mosh (centre) and other stocking-wearers in Holly Randall’s Kinky Nylons

Holly Randall
Goliath (www.goliathbooks.com)      

Holly Randall has made quite a name for herself as an erotic photographer. Her style is different from that of her famous photographer mother Suze, but she clearly shares her mom’s professional taste for exhibitionistic women.

Kinky Nylons is Holly’s latest book for Goliath. As you might expect, its A5-size pages are packed with the kind of women Holly likes to photograph for publications such as Hustler, High Society, Club and Taboo.

And, as you might also expect, what they have in common (bar a few exceptions I’ll come to in a moment) is that they’re all wearing stockings of one kind or another. They’re also, mostly, lingerie-clad. And blonde.

But whether you think the content justifies the title Kinky Nylons is another question. It all depends (and excuse me for stating the bleedin’ obvious here) on what you consider kinky, and what you consider nylons.

The cover image of Mosh certainly sends out all the right signals. First, she is currently one of the hottest names on the US fetish scene (having made her debut at the tender age of 18 on the cover of The Fetishistas).

Second, she is wearing proper nylons. That is to say fully-fashioned (seamed) non-stretch stockings with reinforced heel and toe, and a doubled welt at the top with the hole at the back. They even have the maker’s name printed in white on the side of the welt — a classic feature of vintage American hose.

This could reasonably lead one to assume, as I did, that the same aesthetic — authentic fetish model wearing authentic nylons — would be substantially repeated throughout the book. But it’s not. After the 15 delicious shots of Ms Mosh in her vintage hose at the start of the book, nary another “real” nylon is to be found in 260 or so pages of stocking-clad girlies.

The rest of the two dozen-plus models featured here are wearing distinctly modern hosiery. Styles range from faux vintage (stretchy with fake seams), through decorative fashion stockings and lace-top hold-ups to some that look like the one-size jobbies they sell in convenience stores.

Goliath has also exercised its publisher’s licence to include lacy leggings, open-crotch pantyhose and even (grits teeth) over-the-knee socks.

Of course there will be many “chicks in stockings” fans who will be happy enough with such a selection. Indeed, there is a big market out there for photography that is basically glamour/soft porn/not-so-soft porn “dressed up” with lingerie, stockings and heels.

And that, really, is the market this book will appeal to, rather than to the likes of me who reserve the term “nylons” for a more narrowly defined category of legwear whose kinky connotations are indisputable.

From a commercial perspective, one cannot blame Goliath for homing in on Mosh in her vintage hose as the hottest image for the cover, nor for recognising that as a title, Kinky Nylons has more pulling power than Sexy Stockings, which might more accurately reflect the content.

Holly Randall has a big fanbase who will love her latest book, and I’m sure it will be bought by many thousands as the perfect stocking-filler for Christmas. But for me, it stretches the definition of nylons just a bit too far. TM

Friday, 9 December 2011

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