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REVIEWS|Books|Gift idea: Nylon Girls

Steen’s slinky stocking filler

HOT HOSE: Cover model Mosh (centre) heads a nylon-clad cast of America’s fetish finest in Nylon Girls

Christine Kessler
Goliath Portfolio      

Photographer Christine Kessler should need no introduction to Fetishistas fans — though if she does, our recent Darenzia portfolio is not a bad place to start.

Steen (as she’s known) is one of the fetish genre’s most admired ’togs, a woman whose websites (My Fetish Diary etc) and other books provide constant evidence of her reliable instincts when it comes to making fetish pin-up images both cute and raunchy.

The rapport she establishes with her models means that she often gets pictures that would be more difficult for male photographers to tease out of the same girls — pictures that often look more like intimate collaborations than mere voyeuristic opportunism.

Nylon Girls focuses, as the title suggests, on legwear (with some lingerie thrown in for good measure), and anyone familiar with Kessler’s Toe And Arch website will realise that she’s eminently qualified to cover this subject.

The book itself is one of Goliath’s pocket-size, A5-format Portfolio offerings. With around 100 pages of colour pictures sandwiched between padded hard covers, this series offers a touch of inexpensive luxury (typically around £10 from Amazon) that makes for perfect gifts.

Pretty much all types of women’s hosiery are represented in Nylon Girls, which more or less ensures that for every viewer, some pictures are going to be right on the money — even if, given the often rather specific nature of fetishes, not all may be.

Just in the first few pages there are popsocks, thigh-length socks, faux-vintage nylons, black fishnet stockings, kneesocks with sock-suspenders, fancy fishnet tights, white lace-topped fishnets, green fishnets, white cherry-patterned stockings, nude vintage seamed nylons… you get the picture.

Even if not all of these styles ring your personal bell, there is much to enjoy in the way they’re presented. The poses are, in most cases, a delight in themselves.

There are as many models as there are legwear styles — including Mosh, Darenzia, Emily Marilyn, Angela Ryan, Apnea, Courtney Cruz, Stoya, Mz Berlin, Jade Vixen, Miss Conduct, Hollywood Geisha, Ruby Luster, Athena Fatale, Ancilla Tilia and Ulorin Vex.

In other words a substantial cross-section of America’s fetish finest, with a few visiting VIPs included for good measure.

If you’re really only interested in one very particular kind of legwear — say, vintage-style nylons à la Bettie Page — Nylon Girls’ broad content might not be the perfect treat.

But for anyone who finds that, more often than not, hosiery enhances feminine glamour and sex appeal, have I got a Christmas stocking-filler for you! TM

More information from Goliath Books — see link above, in left-hand column.

Saturday, 12 December 2009

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