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Latex Fashion Photography:   a fetish publishing milestone

A WINNER: Goliath’s Latex Fashion Photography book, and examples of the 400 gorgeous images inside

Edited by Miki Bunge
Goliath (www.goliathbooks.com)       

German/international book publisher Goliath deserves credit for remaining committed to the fetish photography genre after other, sometimes bigger imprints evidently decided that fetish was a fad that had run its course and warranted no further dalliance on their part.

Goliath has continued to add to its catalogue of affordable, mainly A5 pocket-sized but chunky picture books, offering exposure to photographers (and models) whose opportunities to be included in any kind of book by an established publisher have shrunk as the impact of the internet on our consumption of such imagery has grown.  

Goliath books have always represented good value for money, even if you don’t buy them at Amazon’s discounted prices. But the one complaint I’ve heard most often about the company’s products is that, while the A5 format keeps the price down, it often cannot do full justice to the work contained within.

Images that are only the size of a large picture-postcard just don’t have the impact of images printed fullsize in an A4 magazine, let alone as exhibition prints on a gallery wall. So despite the good intentions of the publisher, these small books, however plentiful their pages, sometimes end up selling the photographers’ work a little short.

But now, at last, there is a Goliath compendium covering that most creative, most sophisticated area of fetish photography — latex fashion — in a format and quality much more suited to showcasing the genre’s best imagery.

Picking up a copy of Latex Fashion Photography is a bit like getting your hands on one of those giant boxes of luxury chocolates at Christmas. It’s so glossy, so thick, so heavy, so inviting!

The book’s larger page size (175 x 260mm) allows its images to be reproduced close to traditional 8 x 10in print size — at which dimensions their qualities can be fully appreciated. Most are treated as full-page images.

And with 384 silky pages of beautifully printed pictures and carefully compiled appendices, this book presents the same problem as one of those big boxes of chocolates: the temptation to gorge yourself in one big blow-out.

I can honestly say that I wish I had not needed to assimilate the whole of this book in one session in order to review it. Given the choice, I would much rather have rationed myself to a few dozen pages at a time. That way, its myriad delights could have revealed themselves to me over the course of a week, or even two. Consumed in one sitting, it is almost too rich a confection.

Representing the work of more than 60 photographers and 45 latex designers, it comes across as a real labour of love by its editor, Miki Bunge, and also a work of considerable authority.

What’s on show here includes so many of the people (and pictures) we have published on The Fetishistas that this book almost feels like a family album!

Among the ’togs are Allan Amato, Christophe Mourthé, Emma Delves-Broughton, Fräulein Ehrhardt, Gili Shani, Heiko Laschitzki, Holly Randall, Ian Rath, Jana Wildatheart, Jeff C Fetish, Jocke Jonsson, Josselin Guichard, Julian Kilsby, Marcus Gloger, Marcus Gunnarson, Martin Pelzer, Martin Perreault, Mathieu Richardoz, Maxime Avet, Phantom Orchid, Russell Coleman, Steve Diet Goedde and Vance.

We have also, in our time, covered most of the book’s latex designers and a good proportion of its models. I mention all this only to establish that if you like the kind of stuff we feature on The Fetishistas, then you are going to find Latex Fashion Photography pretty much a 100 percent fit with your tastes.

The last few pages of the book are devoted to listings for the contributing photographers and featured designers. There is even a four-page worldwide  directory of latex stores and shops.

The only people not to get their own index are — surprise, surprise — the models. This could be because such is the peripatetic nature of models’ lives that at least 30 percent of their contact info would be out of date by the time it was published. Either that or there just wasn’t space in the book.

But at least all the models (along with photographers and labels) are individually credited beneath each image on each page, showing a sense of fair play and attention to detail not all publishers would manage.

I honestly can’t praise this tome enough. It’s a real milestone in fetish book publishing that deserves to sell by the truckload — and probably will. TM

I honestly can’t praise this enough. It’s a real milestone in fetish book publishing that deserves to sell by the truckload - and probably will

We have three copies of Latex Fashion Photography to give away! For your chance to win a copy, just enter our simple competition in the panel on the right!

Thursday, 30 June 2011


Latex Fashion Photography
3 copies to be won!

This is what publisher Goliath says about Latex Fashion Photography:

“The world’s best photographers shoot your favourite models in the finest latex couture, exploring both the erotic and elegant sides of a material that fits you like a second skin. Caution: slippery when wet. Definitely the most erotic fashion book in the world, and a must-have for every fan of skintight and shiny”

Technical details:
More than 60 international photographers and 45 designer labels
384 pages with 400 photographs
Size: 175 x 260mm (7 x 10in)
Glossy effect hardcover
Text in English, Deutsch, Français, Español, Italiano
Goliath price: £29.99/€39.90/$49.95

We have three copies of Latex Fashion Photography to give away to three lucky winners. To be in with a chance, read the review (left) and answer this question:
Latex Fashion Photography’s page size allows images to be reproduced close to which traditional photographic print size?
a) 8 x 10in
b) 10 x 12in
c) 12 x 16in

E-mail your answer “a”, “b” or “c” to info@thefetishistas.com, including your name, address and a contact telephone number. Closing date is Friday July 28. Winners will be the first three correct answers out of the hat after that date. The decision of the editor is final and no correspondence will be entered into. Personal details are required for verification purposes only and will not be published. Details of entrants will not used by The Fetishistas for any marketing purposes, nor supplied to any third parties.

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