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MISS MOVEMBER? Chiara Pavoni won the festivalís award for Best Trans Performance in Vigasiosexploitation

Kielís Fetisch Film Festival: a celebration of transformation

Said to be Germanyís biggest regional film event, the Fetisch Film Festival in Kiel, near Hamburg, attracts a wide variety of entries from adult to arthouse. This year, transgender themes dominated, scooping awards both in general and special categories

Germany’s Fetisch Film Festival, which is held each year in Kiel, near Hamburg, is, as the name suggests, a celebration of kink in cinema.

The five-day festival, which was held this year on October 25-29, combines screenings and discussions in the style of a university conference, and is said to be the biggest regional film event in Germany.

In addition to movies and talks, the festival offers a restaurant decorated with the glamour images of Hamburg photographer Carlos Kella and a closing party which draws a colourful mix of SM people, fetishists, swingers and transvestites.

This year’s guests included photographer/filmmaker Maria Coletsis from Vancouver, presenting her book and short documentary Behind The Whip (subject of a Fetishistas portfolio article in July), and Jay Alansky from Paris was there with his disturbing Monstruosa.

The festival gives ambitious artists pursuing the path between arthouse and adult a rare opportunity to show their works. The audience decides the winners and this year’s awards were dominated by transgendered films.

FourPlay San Francisco, about a crossdressing prostitute, impressed people so much that it scooped three prizes. Music video Fetish, performed by transvestite Faith Michaels from Florida, was another winner.

Award for best documentary short went to Love Hugs Kisses Sissy Stephanie, and even the winner of best picture of the year, Vigasiosexpoloitation, features a main character, Osso (Chiara Pavoni), who is male and female at the same time.


Best Film of the Year: Vigasiosexploitation directed by Sebastiano Montresor
Best Actress: Emily Browning in Sleeping Beauty
Best Actor: William Van Noland in Indietro

Best Trans Performance: Chiara Pavoni in Vigasiosexploitation
Best Short Film: Fourplay San Francisco by Kyle Henry
Best Actresses in a Short Film: Anna Linng and Venus O’Hara in Love Me Like You Hate Me

Best Actor in a Short Film: Gary Chason in Fourplay San Francisco
Best Trans Performance in a Short Film: Paul Soileau in Fourplay San Francisco
Best Long Documentary: Heute Weiss es Jeder directed by Gerhard Stahl

Best Short Documentary: Love Hugs Kisses Sissy Stephanie directed by Mrs G
Best Website of a Film Producer: www.erikalust.com
Best Music Video: Fetish by Faith Michaels directed by Gaetano Guido

Best Concert Clip: S&M by Rihanna featuring Britney Spears
Best Long Clip: Ariel’s Job Interview (Restrained Elegance)
Best Female Performer in a Long Clip: Ariel Anderssen in Ariel’s Job Interview (Restrained Elegance)

Best Male Performer in a Long Clip: Femdom Couple (Men Are Slaves)
Best Trans Performance in a Long Clip: Kallista Rene Eisha in Sissy Slut Manual (TransFetish Video)
Best Short Clip: Erotic Daydreams (Restrained Elegance)

Best Female Performers in Short Clips:
Christina Carter in Erotic Daydreams (Restrained Elegance) and Janey in Ladette to Lady (Restrained Elegance)
Katey Cee in Ladette to Lady (Restrained Elegance)

Best Male Performer in a Short Clip: Wear My Sign (Sadoladies/Madame Charlotte)
Best Trans Performance in a Short Clip: Slave Life With Miss O (Men Are Slaves)

Best Membership Websites: www.carmenrivera.com; www.cruella.com; www.lady-asmondena.com; www.restrainedelegance.com; www.rubbersisters.com; www.schlagendegirls.com

‘FourPlay San Francisco’, about a crossdressing prostitute, won three prizes. Music video ‘Fetish’, featuring Faith Michaels, also won

Monday, 5 December 2011


Fetisch Film Festival 2011
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Fetish (Faith Michaels)
Fourplay San Francisco
Heute Weisse Es Jeder
Love Hugs Kisses Sissy Stephanie
Love Me Like You Hate Me
S&M (Rihanna)
Sissy Slut Manual
Sleeping Beauty
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