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NO STRINGS: Rubber Puppet won £300 Libidex voucher and trophy for Best Creative Rubber (pic: MarcustT)

All aboard for Rubber Awards

London’s Club Rub held its 14th Annual Rubber Awards onboard HMS President in October. Prizes donated by some of the biggest names in latex helped ensure a good turnout and high standard of entries. Words: Harvey. Pictures: Marcus T and David Briggs

Club Rub is always a bit special, what with a particularly friendly and creative bunch of people who never fail to please, and good comfortable venues.

So of course, the 14th Annual Rubber Awards, hosted by Kim, were bound to raise expectations of a superlatively great fetish night out; and in this, we were not disappointed.

The event took place in mid-October on HMS President, a boat moored on the Thames at Victoria Embankment near Blackfriars’ Bridge, that has also been used this year for Torture Garden and Skin Two parties.

The vessel is well appointed — spacious with lots of intimate quarters, a fine large ballroom and a roomy bar on the upper deck. All rooms have comfortable chairs and large picture windows giving a fine view of the Thames with its passing traffic and the cityscape beyond.

From the bar, you can step out onto an open deck, heated in some measure and lit by bright gas flames in glass tubes. It was a beautiful mild night, so many guests were lounging on the patio furniture. 

It was clear that a great many people had made stupendous efforts to put on a good show with their rubber outfits, and it must have been an invidious task for the judges to single out those most deserving of an award.

Fortunately, the generosity of various rubber couture companies and Club Rub itself, had made it possible to have a large number of imaginative categories, 15 in fact. So a significant proportion of the many entrants won trophies and generous prizes.  

Egged on by friends, I entered the competition and found myself doing the catwalk routine, which was great fun and resulted ultimately in an award, my first ever in a fashion show!   

Later, there were stage shows. The first was a troupe of delightful young ladies dressed as rubber dolls called The Late Night Shop.

They were followed by Bondage Engineering’s show, involving a gentleman who had strapped his slave to a revolving contraption and then worked on her with a large car buffer.

Third show was a bizarre Rubber Rebirth performance by CynthIcorn.

Finally there was a spectacular demonstration by Goddess Ira (aka Lucrezia) of a vacuum prism, which is an upright version of a vacuum bed. Once deflated, it revealed the captive body of her slave girl, in all her glory. 

We left for home in the early hours with smiles on our faces, which put us in such good moods, you may imagine the fun was not over! Harvey 

‘I entered the competition and found myself doing the catwalk routine, which was great fun and resulted in my first ever fashion show award’



This year’s awards were supported by 15 fetish industry sponsors including several of the biggest names in latex fashion, who between them donated £2,500 worth of prizes.

The awards were judged by photographer and Fetishistas contributor Richard Knightly and the evening’s headlining act, dominatrix and performance artist Goddess Ira.

Each winner received a 14th Annual Rubber Awards golden trophy in addition to the gifts donated by sponsors.

Best Rubber Man
Prize: D-vote British Police Uniform worth approx £350

Best Creative Rubber
Prize: Libidex £300 gift certificate
Winner: Rubber Puppet

Best Rubber Lady
Prize: Atsuko Kudo gift certificate for £250
Winner: Sindydoll

Best Old School Rubber
Prize: DeMask 250 euro (approx £220) gift certificate
Winner: Harvey

Best Extra Special Rubber
Prize: Scene Magazine 150 euro (approx £130) gift certificate plus five bottles of Rubber Rejuvenator with 20 percent coupon off purchases at DeMask Stores
Winner: Cy-bber

Best Rubber Couple
Prize: Breathless £200 gift certificate

Best Rubber Uniform
Prize: Bondinage £150 gift certificate
Winner: Eva Vortex

Best Colourful Rubber
Prize: Westward Bound £150 gift certificate or one of three outfits from the Femme-A-Licious Collection
Winner: Katie B

Best Rubber Boy
Prize: Latex 101 £150 gift certificate
Winner: Chatterley

Best Rubber Dress
Prize: Honour £150 gift certificate
Winner: Morgan

Best Full Rubber
Prize: House of Harlot £150 gift certificate
Winner: Mysteryl8trix and Devilatrix

Best Rubber Hood
Prize: Rubber55 £60 hood
Winner: CynthIcoen

Best Rubber Accessory
Prize: Lady Lucie Latex £50 gift certificate
Winner: Mistress Falvia

Best Cartoonesque Rubber
Prize: Gernot two signed books
Winner: Alan the Hood

Best Home-Made Rubber
Prize: 3XL/Rubber Life three copies of Rubber Life
Winner: Big Boy and Lucy

There were also spot prizes from Violaceous Latex, Shhh! Couture and Skin Two magazine.

‘We left for home in the early hours with smiles on our faces, which put us in such good moods, you may imagine the fun was not over!’

Tuesday, 1 November 2011


14th Annual Rubber Awards
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Above: Feterati Girls Emma Alexa and Ruby True with our photographer MarcusT at the Awards. For more of his work, click on the link below.

More of David Briggs’ work may be found at WickedAndSexy.com, and for more info about the Awards party, click on the Club Rub link.

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