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PEARLY QUEENS: DefenzMechanizm string out their show at Fetish Factory’s Anniversary Ball (ErosArtist)

Fetish Factory 16th birthday: Mss Tokyo takes the plunge

Our Australian correspondent Mistress Tokyo gets suited and booted and immerses herself — literally — in Florida-style pervy partying at Fetish Factory’s 16th Anniversary Weekend in May. Main photography: Michael Diamond. Additional images: David Jackson

After travelling all the way from Sydney in May to attend my first Fetish Factory Anniversary weekend in Florida, to say I was hungry for the celebrations to start was an understatement.

The famous Ft Lauderdale weekend, which this year celebrated Fetish Factory’s 16th year in business, is heralded as one of the biggest and best in the world and is at the very top of the US scene, with eight parties over three nights and a complete takeover of its Sheraton host hotel.

I spotted the first person emulating the spirit I was searching for outside our hotel lobby where, clad in a simple black latex catsuit, he was waiting nonchalantly behind his sunglasses for porter service!

For those eager punters wanting the partying to get started with minimal delay, an inaugural Pre Weekend Dinner was held on Thursday May 26, before the official fracas began.

Held at The Manor Complex in the heart of the Rainbow precinct, the dinner sold out early with some guests arriving straight from the airport without even checking in to the hotel!

Waiters dressed as rubber sailors served excellent food as the gorgeous MC Kitty Meow chaired the night, with drag and burlesque performances entertaining nearly 100 guests.

Most of the guests were already primed for Friday night’s opening Beat and Greet party at Sky from attending the earlier Fetish Cocktail Lounge gathering held in the Sheraton lobby.

A veritable who’s who of fetish including Jean Bardot, Maitresse Anya, Mistress Absolute, Goddess Sativa and Dante Posh bumped shoulders with other kinky revellers from all corners of the globe — from Switzerland to rural Australia!

Recovering my élan after falling up Sky’s stairs in my 9inch heels, I was sucked onto a dancefloor encircled by attendant feterati seated amphitheatre-style around it. Sky’s womb-like layout, with sprawling twin rooms dedicated respectively to dancing and playing, was the perfect choice for official party number one.

I made my dancefloor entrance to beats from New York DJ Xris Smack, joining a crowd dressed in latex, leather, goth, XD and cyber couture.

Among the evening’s various burlesque and soft strip performances, my favourite show was by Ms V and her sexy rubberdoll, who did a hot breath-play scene, exchanging oxygen using rebreather masks until one sacrificed herself for the other…

Despite the party’s punning name, this wasn’t really an evening for beating, although the play area did see one prominent UK mistress take a couple of excited slaves under her wing.

Nearby, a sensual Gorean corporal threesome kept pace with some very sexy play on a prominently placed whipping bench in the middle of the floor.

A sensual Gorean threesome kept pace with some very sexy play on a prominently placed whipping bench in the middle of the floor

After Sky, a number of kinky revellers headed hotel-poolside for more of the same — which I learnt was a nightly post-party ritual at FF! Sadly my jetlag got the better of me so I watched the frolics from the comfort of my hotel room window.

The Fetish Factory weekend is not just all about partying though. For those needing more stimulation beyond just floating in the pool or preening for the upcoming night, Saturday afternoon offered upskilling opportunities at the LAAC (Lifestyle Alternatives Artisans Centre) Fetish School held at the Sheraton by local fetishista Domina Demanda.

Workshops provided instruction on and chances to experience activities as diverse as Rope and Scarf Bondage, Sensory Deprivation/Sensual Torments, Edge Play, Corporal Punishment, CBT/Genitorture and Decorative Torture, all underpinned by a strong focus on basic safety practices.

If workshops didn’t appeal, perhaps a chauffeur driven stretch limo to the Fetish Factory store for some retail therapy might?

Shopping trips were scheduled for both weekend afternoons — handy if, unlike me, you hadn’t already blown through Florida’s foremost fetish boutique like a hot east wind well before the weekend arrived.

Walking into venue Exit 66 for Saturday’s main event, the Fetish Ball, I was overwhelmed — not just by the sheer size of the place but by the vibe shaking its four-storey-high walls!

As a self-respecting fetishist, I adore my rubber and am morbidly obsessed by high heels, but sometimes I just want to rip it all off so I can rip it up with everyone else for the sake of a great party!

This was what I felt like doing as I looked around at the graffiti covered walls beyond the mezzanines, the hot partygoers in their fetish best and the sexy dancers winding themselves around the poles at the main bar.

I made my way past VIP areas hosting professional mistresses and rubbery notables from around the globe and up to a box overlooking the stage, to comprehend the splendour of one of the grandest fetish parties in the world!

The layout afforded plenty of play possibilities with crosses and sundry furniture tempting those who were not satisfied by the great beats keeping many of us on our toes.

A “white room” space added a different vibe again — a welcome respite for some from the cavernous main area that was more intimate and streamlined in style, perfect for those who wanted to converse on closer terms.

The first show I caught was Ms V, clad in fire engine red rubber with cuckolded slave in tow. They were followed by beautiful male aerialist Drew Leach, doing graceful, death-defying moves on a hoop suspended above the main dancefloor.

Jean Bardot then let old habits die hard, taking the stage with her legendary rubber nun show, her effervescent black rubber strap-on dutifully attended by Feterati Girl Emma Alexa.

Later we were titillated by DefenzMechanizm, two beautiful women evoking the French court of Louis the Sun King. Draped in white gowns, towering wigs and white-face make-up, they coquetted around each other in ways guaranteed to make an intransigent Sadist like me ache for more!

But the official Pervy Pool Party on Sunday afternoon at the hotel was the highlight of my stay, hands down.

Wearing a total enclosure latex catsuit with a heavy rubber oversuit, vintage German goggles, arm length Linesman’s gloves and closed-circuit rebreathing gear, I made my descent to the pool at 5pm exactly, feeling like Orpheous entering the fetish underworld.

Wearing total enclosure latex catsuit, heavy rubber oversuit, vintage goggles and closed-circuit rebreathing gear, I made my descent to the pool

From the safety of my hotel room window earlier in the day, I had watched our frolickers doing their thing in the high sun.

Playing like nymphs in the chlorine and snacking from fruit platters provided by the organisers, they were entertained by DJs and Japanese Taiko drummers Fushu Daiko, (complete with friendly armour-clad Samurai warrior).

The parade of rubber bodies included five air hostesses in powder blue latex dresses with pillbox hats and cheeky mile-high grins, gothic divas braving the heat in full drag, and the occasional kinky sun worshipper like the lovely Dante Posh in white latex pasties!

For most, the pool party was a chance to chill, but I desired to indulge in a little solo play with my new inflatable hood and wet heavy rubber suit.

Surprisingly, I did actually scare one poor gent out of the pool around 7pm doing my best impersonation of the creature from the black latex lagoon.

The final club event of the weekend was Sunday night’s Extreme Players Party, held again at the impressive multi-level Manor complex.

I arrived suited and booted in my regulation black patent leather 12in heel, crotch-high boots, with 100m of shibari rope and carabiners, ready to strut my bondage skills!

Inside the venue was a crowd of revellers with a different vibe, more sexy and raw than previous nights.

From the mezzanine downwards I observed a sea of bodies all clad in fetish, glittering like shiny stars under a constellation of fabulous inflatable objects installed to titillate — brightly lit and filling the space above like a vast pneumatic solar system.

Immediately in front of me, however, was a scene also demanding attention, with one domina using the VIP area’s whipping bench for a strap-on session her slave would surely never forget!

Descending to the main floor, I noticed the labyrinthine layout of the space, entreating one to follow the shiny brick road to smaller, darker rooms containing crosses, whipping posts and horses.

There appeared to be no drop points suitable for suspension bondage so I contented myself with watching the passing parade of beautiful people clad in rubber, corsetry and drag.

Some were playing or being played with, tied up or not — although it did seem the immoral majority were, like me, content just to be a part of the crowd circulating around the floor or clustering at the outdoor bar.

If the partygoers needed any more inspiration they’d have found it in shows by Mistresses Jean Bardot and Absolute — or even in the impromptu display by one goth couple who got up on the stage near the end of the party and started licking each other’s boots!

The Fetish Factory Anniversary weekend sets a high bench- mark for kinky parties worldwide. Bring on the next one!

Some were playing or being played with, although it did seem the immoral majority were, like me, content just to be a part of the crowd

Tuesday, 19 July 2011


Fetish Factory 16th Anniversary photo-report
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