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TIT-CLAMPED: The legendary Fuckin’ Gerry gets into a tight situation in Barcelona (photo: ErosArtist.com)

Barcelona Fetish Weekend: not perfect, but a good start

Staged a week before Easter, the new Barcelona Fetish Weekend was bound to attract interest by virtue of its location. Its organisers may not have got everything right first time, but its future looks rosy, thinks Roswell Ivory. Photos by Michael Diamond

I first visited Barcelona while on holiday last year. It’s a beautiful setting for any kind of party but I did wonder how a large-scale fetish event would be received.

In a city that permits full nudity in the street (as long as shoes are worn), I had found the stares my sky-high platform boots received a little disconcerting, never mind the full rubber outfits this trip’s suitcase contained!

I was thrown in at the deep end soon after arriving on Friday April 15 as I headed straight to the venue for show rehearsals — I’ve never attended a fetish party where the first event was the main one!

While this was a little surprising, the event was well-co-ordinated with a good mix of performing artists, different rooms and music.

Held at Row 14 just outside the city, it was remote enough to allow guests privacy away from the city centre crowds.

The wide range of performances were well-received, especially that of Anglo-American duo Mistress Absolute and Jewell Marceau, poster-model of party sponsors Fetish Movies.

UK burlesque performer Lottie Kixx’s stage presence was also a force to be reckoned with!

I was walking for Rubberluv in their fashion show, along with a mix of fellow UK models (Easy Tiger, Lottie Kixx and Adreena(alt) and other international models — notably Barcelona’s Dark Moon.

Unfortunately due to a couple of hiccups on the night, some performers were not accurately credited, so I would like to clear something up.

The rope performer credited as Sophia Disgrace was actually Alberto No Shibari and Sophia was the masked lady of many talents, including fire breathing, angle grinding and walking on broken mirrors!

I thought the photo-booth was a nice touch and the venue was a good choice — there was something new to find around every corner!

There was a good array of dungeon equipment and a lot of dark corners, though no couples’ room (but then, are couples’ rooms necessary at all in fetish clubs?).

Sometimes due to backstage pressure, the organisers of large-scale events are notably absent from front of house. Not the case here — promoters Erica and Christian were on hand to answer queries and to make sure everyone had a good time.

Despite such a generally well set-up event, there were fewer guests than I expected and the main dance floor, while not a “tumbleweed” situation, never felt truly full. However, the fantastic and friendly atmosphere more than made up for the lack of guests.

Probably owing to it being the first such event in Barcelona, guests seemed fascinated by each other, relishing the opportunity to meet like-minded people.

I would have loved the chance to attend a meet-up beforehand, to get to know some of the faces before trying to start a conversation in a loud club! At five am when I left, the club was still full and the shuttle buses back to the city were buzzing nicely.

I got up on Saturday at a nice leisurely time and made my way to the fetish fair, held at La Maryposa. While I’m sure local partygoers are familiar with the location, I got lost.

If only a small leaflet detailing the locations and vital info for all the weekend’s events had magically appeared in front of me! Could be an idea for next time?

Eventually, I found the place and stumbled through the door, grateful to be away from the passers-by gawping open-mouthed at my HMSlatex dress.

At no point was the venue packed to bursting, so the fair appeared less than bustling. But this was misleading as a steady stream of people arrived throughout the day to browse — many dressed in their fetish best, making this seem like a meet-up.

If only a leaflet detailing the locations and vital info for all the weekend’s events had magically appeared in front of me! An idea for next time? 

Other guests arrived for a quick bit of shopping, before making their way to jazz club and restaurant Bel-Luna for the shibari workshop, which had quickly sold out.

Stallholders were friendly and happy to demonstrate their goods. Notable exhibitors included local designers Amano, with an intricate array of leather accessories; Rubberluv, displaying their range and some new custom pieces; and Funtasies showing off the best in fetish furniture.

It was a great opportunity to network and business cards disappeared as quickly as they were laid out!

Partly because of the price (€50 per person), I had been doubtful about the success of Saturay evening’s Cabaret Dinner. But on seeing the event in full swing, I could see how worth the price it was.

With a varied menu of gourmet food, an entirely private venue (7Dreams, in Poble Espanyol), a dance floor and a full set of dungeon furniture and substantial playspace, there was a fun party atmosphere and attendance was high.

I liked having the opportunity to catch some of Friday’s performances again, and as guests were able to change at the venue, it was fascinating to watch the many transformations — almost a show in itself!

Most guests had dressed up and, having already seen attendees in their show-stopping outfits on Friday night, I found it a little easier to pick out faces. The party the night before also worked as a good conversation-starter.

Owing to a prior commitment, I had to leave early on Sunday while the weekend was still in full swing, after a brief but fun run around the city centre with fellow model and “face of Rubberluv” Easy Tiger.

Meanwhile, other performers and guests took off on the open-top kinky bus tour. Having previously taken a “normal” bus tour of the city, I would have loved the opportunity to join the kinky verson. It’s certainly a novelty that I feel will go down well in future events.

How many chances will you get to pose in latex by the church to top all churches — Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia? From the video put together by Erosarts’ Michael Diamond (who provided the galleries with this article), it looks like everyone had a great time.

I would say that every individual event within this first Barcelona Fetish Weekend worked well, but there was a sense that the events were in the wrong order.

The unusual decision to hold the main event on the first day deprived stallholders at Saturday’s fair of the chance to sell outfits for it, and Saturday’s cabaret dinner would have served better as a meet-and-greet on Friday.

Speaking to organisers Erica and Christian about this, I discovered there was a straightforward explanation for the unconventional running order.

“We would have much preferred to have the large party on the Saturday as it is easier for people travelling from abroad,” they said, “but it was simply not possible this first year due to cost and availability.

“We would also have loved to have a host hotel for people all to stay together in a kinky atmosphere, and we are working on this for next year.”

I think a lot of the minor problems I encountered were down to this being the first such event in Barcelona, and these things must be tried and tested in order for a successful formula to be found.

I have every confidence that next year’s event will be even better (and I have been assured that there will definitely be a next year’s event — we‘re just waiting for confirmation on dates).

Given the many attractions Barcelona has to offer outside the world of kink, a fetish weekend staged here can offer a blend of sights and experiences that others just can’t, and that should be enough to guarantee its appeal in future years.

Every individual event within this first Barcelona Fetish Weekend worked well, but there was a sense the events were in the wrong order 

Thursday, 26 May 2011


About our reporting team:
Roswell Ivory and Michael Diamond

Roswell Ivory (photo above by John Tilsbury) is a British writer and model who has contributed regularly to The Fetishistas. She recently launched her website RoswellIvory.co.uk where much of her work is showcased.

Michael Diamond of US-based ErosArts Productions is another longstanding Fetishistas contributor whose event photography and other work can be found at ErosArtist.com.

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