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BLOOD LUST: Scarlet Diva demonstrates what can happen if you get carried away while squeezing spots

Festival of Sins: Den of Sloth

Festival of Sins’ Sloth night in December at the Den looks to have been its last appearance at this venue. We’re waiting to hear where FOS will go next; in the meantime here’s our take on the Sloth shows, including Rubberluv’s first UK fashion performance

Festival of Sins’ December line-up of three fashion shows, four performances, four bands and other attractions kicked off with a feisty performance by Kiria that was as notable for her über-domina posturing and impressive cleavage as for the music — writes Tony Mitchell.

This was a full live band line-up with plenty of fetish cred on display, including a tranny guitarist (see Gallery 1). I remember being pretty impressed by the whole pop-punk palaver right up to the point during the finale when a large blob of creamy liquid ejaculated over my camera and flash, thus quite literally putting a dampener on the proceedings for me. Serves me right for getting too close to the action.

In complete contrast, the next music act featured the sweetly toned vocals of one of the London scene’s favourite fetish models, Emily Grieve, wearing her alternative hat as a serious musician.

Marking her debut in duo Sin-de-rella, with live keyboard accompaniment and a special guest ballerina appearance by Nyuszi Boros (Gallery 2), Emily demonstrated a vocal range so impressive that it was tempting to wonder if her height (she’s a tall girl) somehow helped her hit those top notes with such alacrity.

I’d been looking forward to seeing top steampunk band The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing (Gallery 3), if only to discover whether it really is nothing, as opposed to anything, that they don’t intend to be blamed for. (This was before I discovered their name is a historical reference to the Jack The Ripper murders.)

But grammatical uncertainty was quickly forgotten as this distinctive-looking outfit blazed, or rather steamed, their way through some really solid punky material, with an unexpected diversion provided when bewhiskered ’n’ breeched singer Gerhard 'Andy' Heintz sat down and started playing the saw.

The band had selected FOS as the official launch party for what they assured us was the world’s first steampunk Christmas record, A Very Steampunk Christmas. Will it be up there with Slade and John Lennon in future years? Only time will tell.

Surrey’s proud purveyors of latex, Rubberluv, had the Fetishistas-sponsored fashion show slot of the night (Gallery 4). Although they had previously put clothes onto the catwalk at Latexpo, in Hamburg back in August, this was to be their first ever UK fashion performance.

Though in August Rubberluv had put clothes onto the Latexpo catwalk in Hamburg, this was to be their first ever UK fashion performance

Fortunately they’d engaged the services of the redoubtable Anne Bengard, aka Blondie, to produce the show, and this she undertook with her customary thoroughness and zeal (aka German efficiency).

Onstage were Easy Tiger (our recent Rubberluv cover model) and Taska Tasku (whose newness to catwalk you would never have guessed) in pastel lingerie sets; Miranda Barrie and Samantha Stone as Edwardian bloomer-clad maids with feather dusters; a caped and catsuited Dani Divine dominating silver-catsuited Conrad; a fire performance courtesy of Kate Lomax; and some tranny bollocks from an artiste we know only as Tranny Bollocks.

Rubberluv’s outfits, designed by Chris Anderson, were accessorised with jewellery by Deadly Glamour, whose distinctive headpieces provided a delicate counterpoint to the generally strong latex styling.

One of my favourite fetish performers, Marnie Scarlet, had promised a “wickedly slothful” performance for her FOS appearance (Gallery 5).

If by this she meant that she would take to the stage in a virgin-white latex outfit (one of the many highly individualistic pieces she creates for herself) and end up covered in so much fake blood that she looked like she’d been flayed alive, then she kept her promise.

Her show, which involved stapling a circular pattern around one breast, was utterly mesmerising, though not for the fainthearted. You might suppose that seeing it through the viewfinder of a camera creates a certain distance from the reality, but on the other hand, I was using a lens that could take me five times closer. So I got a pretty good view.

I caught all or parts of most of the evening’s other shows, but not necessarily in an entirely satisfactory way, photographically speaking. Others on the bill included Engineers of Desire (gallery coming soon), Twilight Siren, Gooey Grappling Girls, Amber Sweet, Beautiful Deadly Children and Lexi Sexx.

That’s a helluva lot of entertainment for one night out, and I hope that when FOS returns (rumoured to be later in the year), and in whatever form it returns, it can keep up the momentum established by the two events it held here at The Den & Centro.

I hope when FOS returns, and in whatever form, it can keep up the momentum established by the two events it held at The Den & Centro

Thursday, 27 January 2011


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