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StripLite: Eat me, drink me!

London’s monthly StripLite nights have become a welcome alternative to the capital’s strict fetish dresscode events. In this small bar, pervs can socialise and be entertained in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Plus there are cakes, says Tony Mitchell

TRAY BELLE: Nyuszi gets her cupcakes out for the lads

StripLite on the last Friday of every month is a club where I’ve come to feel very welcome, and it’s not just me who feels that way. May LR, MC Nathan Shame and their little team have really got making you feel at home down to a tee.

Several people I know from the London fetish crowd were checking this intimate little gathering out for the first time at November’s do, and all seemed to appreciate the friendly, relaxed atmosphere and the chance to mingle with like-minded folk without the usual palaver associated with strict dresscode events.

Owing to a flat car battery, I arrived at the venue — The London Stone in Cannon Street — rather later than planned. But not too late, thanks to being rescued by stand-up comic, club promoter and now also chauffeur Roddy Fraser, who’d been wanting to check the night out for himself for some time.

We got there in time to see two promising burlesque performers doing their thang. Suzie Sequin from Cheshire treated us to a double dose of fandancing fantasy, while London’s Dolly Rose performed a skit on the joys of achieving weight loss by the cunning device of removing excess clothing, as opposed to, for example, eating less and keeping your clothes on.

Eating less, as regulars will know by now, is not in any case an easy plan to stick to at any StripLite night, once the lovely Nyuszi gets her cupcakes out. And given the Eat Me, Drink Me theme of this particular evening, there wasn’t a snowball in hell’s chance that she wasn’t going to do that, or that I wasn’t going to scoff one.

As we were leaving, May asked if I’d be making it to the next outing of their other regular event, Festival of Sins. “What’s the theme?” I asked. “Greed,” she replied. Not too much pondering for me to do on that one, then.

Friday, 12 December 2008

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