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EVENTS|Reports|AntiChrist Feb 08

AntiChrist: show and no show

Club AntiChrist enjoyed a big, dressed-to-impress turn-out for its second London outing in February. The music policy was a big hit with this good looking crowd, says Roswell Ivory, but the shows proved difficult to catch. Pretty people pictures by Marcus

SHOWING THE WAY: clubbers at AntiChrist (pic: MarcusT)

Following the success of Club AntiChrist’s launch night in November, I couldn’t resist attending February’s event — this time held at the Colosseum in Vauxhall.

The flyers had promised nuns, confession booths, a slave auction and a room dedicated to non-stop performances.

Clubbers were dressed to impress, the stalls selling sweets, cakes and accessories went down very well, and the incredible view of London from the window of the chill-out room was a bonus.

However, despite spending much of my time by the stage I had been told was reserved for performances, I saw no shows and couldn’t check I was in the right place as there were no maps or schedules to be seen — resulting in confusion.

This seemed to be a problem for other guests as well — for most of the night, the dungeon was packed with people looking for something to watch, making it difficult for players to move about.

Provision around the venue of better information about the performances would have made a big difference to the night — preventing the gatherings of bored people and the feeling that we were waiting for shows that never came.

It could have been that we were all just unwitting victims of ‘wrong room, wrong time’ syndrome, but for me, the live entertainment aspect of the night never got off the ground.

However, part of Antichrist’s appeal to its target market is the promise of alternative music, with no dance or techno, and here, the event redeemed itself. Two themed rooms with cages and podiums provided fantastic settings that, despite being full all night, never felt too crowded.

Both dancefloors were packed until closing time with people who were clearly very happy with AntiChrist’s music policy.

Sunday, 6 April 2008


About the photographer:

A resident of Camden, 27-year-old MarcusT (above) cites his major interests as photography, travel, art, culture, food, drink and live entertainment, and his favourite artists as Dalí and Escher.
He uses a Nikon D300 with Nikkor 18-200mm VR and Tokina 12-24mm lenses and SB-600 flash. More of his work can be seen on his DeviantArt website below.


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