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CAFÉ SOCIETY: Alana, co-founder of CCK, which is launching a sister brand in central London

CCK owners announce plans for sister venture in London

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

FETISHISTAS EXCLUSIVE! The founders of London’s renowned Coffee Cake & Kink organisation celebrate their tenth birthday tomorrow with the official announcement of a new venture in central London.

The new business will operate as a sister brand to the original CCK. Codenamed CCK2 for the time being, the precise identity of the new brand will be revealed shortly, when a Kickstarter fund is launched to help finance it. At the moment, all we can confirm is that the new brand will not contain the word ‘kink’ for reasons that will become clear if you read on.

CCK’s decade in business began with five years (2003-2008) in Covent Garden, as a café and art space that combined cutting edge erotic culture with community outreach activities. Its compact coffee shop/lounge was a popular venue for small-scale, scene-related social gatherings, a friendly central location for pervs to meet friends, and a must-do item on the itinerary of many a kinkster visiting London from overseas.

After quitting its Covent Garden premises, CCK re-emerged In 2009 as an online-only operation and has continued since then as the UK's “first and only kinky social enterprise”, blazing a trail through mainstream structures and putting the word ‘kink’ in front of every JobCentrePlus advisor in the country.

Sadly, however, the ‘k-word’ has done CCK’s owners no favours in their attempts to get back onto the high street, producing what they describe as “allergic reactions” from most prospective landlords. In order once again to create an open-minded, inclusive space for the community, CCK concluded that the best way forward was therefore to launch a sister brand, enabling the traditions of the founders to be continued in a way that is unproblematic for today’s commercial landlords.

We are promised that when ‘CCK2’ is unveiled at its new central London location, it will remain true to the same core values, and will feature much of what was best in the original CCK, as well as exciting new additions. A Kickstarter campaign is being finalised now to help with the start-up costs. Potential sponsors, supporters and suppliers are invited to contact cck@coffeecakeandkink.com for more information.


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