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Itziar wins appeal

Performance artist and UCSC web dominatrix Itziar Bilbao Urrutia has won her UK appeal against website regulation...Read more

Libidinous Chinese

Libidex is taking action against a copycat whose webshop offers counterfeit latex to the Chinese home market ...Read more

‘Fisting’ trial in UK

What is it about Britain’s Crown Prosecution Service? Has it got a thing about anal fisting? You might well think so ...Read more

Syren v Abigail

Abigail Greydanus, who claims she made Katy Perry’s Syren Latex outfits, is being sued by Syren owner The Stockroom...Read more

Portland ban stays

London mansion Portland Place has lost its appeal against a ban on hosting adult parties and other commercial events...Read more

Portland Place ban

The venue of 2009’s Rubber Ball, which showcased Naucler Design fashion, has been banned from holding more parties...Read more

Arena fraud arrests

One of NYC’s most respected scene figures has been charged with participation in a $51million mortgage scam...Read more

Lithium + SG settle

Lithium Picnic photographer Philip Warner and partner Apnea’s long dispute with SuicideGirls has been resolved...Read more

Cohen: lobby Lords

With less than a month left to fight the UK’s anti-BDSM bill, the Spanner Trust is urging us to lobby House of Lords ...Read more

Picnic trial certain

Lithium Picnic photographer Philip Warner has nothing to smile about after his pre-trial hearing before a Portland judge...Read more

Reasons for denial

The Ministry of Justice note gives the following justifications for overriding the rights in the European Convention...Read more

Brits fight law

The Criminal Justice Bill, which aims to punish the viewing of ‘violent’ pornography in Britain with three years’ imprisonment...Read more

Suicide v Lithium

Lithium Picnic’s Philip Warner expects to be in court soon, defending himself against a Suicide Girls lawsuit ...Read more