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News|Events|London|Save the Coronet

NO FUTURE? The fate of major TG venue the Coronet is uncertain beyond its current lease expiry in 2015

Sign up to save the Coronet!

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Another major Torture Garden venue — the Coronet Theatre in London’s Elephant and Castle — is facing closure if redevelopment proposals go ahead at the end of next year.

The Coronet has played host to TG’s three big annual events since spring 2011, when redevelopment of London Bridge Station, also in the borough of Southwark, forced closure of legendary arches venue SeOne.

In March 2012 Torture Garden also lost beloved Brixton venue Mass, where most of its medium-sized parties were held. Luckily the club has been able to successfully relocate most of those events to Electrowerkz, the Angel, Islington home of famed goth club Slimelight.

However, losing the Coronet would be likely to present TG with a major problem, since venues of around 2,000 capacity are becoming rarer than hens’ teeth as property values continue to soar in the capital.

With their current lease due to expire in November 2015, the Coronet management say they have not yet been able to secure a commitment either from Delancey, their landlord, or Southwark Council that the theatre can continue to operate in Elephant and Castle. “If we don’t get clarity about our future, the Coronet may be forced to close,” they say.

But fortunately they’re not planning to give up without a fight, and have launched a petition to save the 140-year-old venue. The petition, which you can find at Change.org (link below), argues that the Coronet is a huge asset to the community in Elephant and Castle and an integral part of its identity.

“Employing over 100 members of staff, attracting more than 250,000 visitors every year, bringing huge amounts of revenue into the local area, and providing a creative and unique arts space, the Coronet has been a part of the local area since the Elephant and Castle Theatre first opened on the current site in 1872,” it says. “The Elephant and Castle of today is undergoing exciting regeneration, but this should not come at the cost of the area’s diverse cultural mix.”

The venue management are calling on Delancey and Southwark Council to protect the future of the Coronet in the Elephant, either at its current location or at a suitable alternative site, noting: “We have up to £2m earmarked for improvements, and plan to bring events such as BBC Radio recordings south of the river.

“But without any commitment from Delancey or the Council, we cannot press ahead with our plans, nor can we reassure our staff, who are worried for their jobs.”

If you want to preserve a venue that is of great importance to the local cultural fabric and also to fetish culture both in London and internationally, add your name to the petition and help save the Coronet now.


News|Legal|Libidex Chinese copies

NO ANGEL: This Angeldis website, aimed at the Chinese domestic market, carries pages of designs lifted straight from the Libidex website, and even uses the Libidex name. It is also using stolen images from other western designers

Libidex copied for Chinese home market

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Libidex has become embroiled in a Chinese counterfeiting saga with a difference — this time the copycat in question is angling to sell Libidex copies to the Chinese home market.

A business calling itself Angeldis Latex has set up a web store on a Chinese eBay-style platform, with pages and pages of latex fashions shamelessly lifted straight off the Libidex.com site. The firm is even using Libidex’s name to promote the garments.

This could suggest that marketing by Chinese pirates in the west has stimulated a domestic market for latex that did not previously exist. Or it could just mean successful anti-piracy campaigns by western labels have made it more difficult for the pirates to do business in the west.

When we spoke to Libidex director Nigel Walker, he told us that Libidex had not yet gone to the potentially very costly lengths of instructing Chinese lawyers to act on its behalf against Angeldis.

“However,” he said, “we now have a very useful Chinese contact who is acting for us and has actually visited the people hosting this shop in Shanghai, and we are gathering evidence now for him to send to them.

“They have indicated that they will take action against the shop on the basis of the evidence we provide of infringement. He’s also able to translate the site for us, which could be useful if any more domestic Chinese sites pop up copying designs.”

Nigel added that Libidex is also in the process of registering its name and trademark in China so that it can stop these and other sites using its name.

“Yet another expense, but necessary we think, as this sort of thing is bound to spread unless we do something about it.”

He pointed out that Angeldis is also using images from quite a few other latex designers — “Simon O for one, I’m pretty sure” — and thought such people would want to “know who Angeldis are in case they want to take action against them”.

However, while it’s true that this particular Angeldis site is aimed at the domestic Chinese market and doesn’t deliver outside China, this doesn’t mean the firm is not chasing customers in the west as well.

The same company also has a west-facing site, ostensibly US-based, on which pirated Libidex images also appear (albeit manip- ulated and cropped in an attempt to disguise them) alongside many other latex designs that look strangely familiar.

On this rather cheesy looking site, the company describes itself as a leading athletic retailer of brand name footwear, apparel and accessories which also serves the fetish, BDSM and cosplay scenes.


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News|Book releases|Solingen, Germany|Ultimate Heavy Rubber Book

FULL COVERAGE: Pledge support and get 284 pages of pix like this in PWCís Ultimate Heavy Rubber Book

Ultimate Heavy Rubber Book sprints past its first target

Thursday, 19 June 2014

With three weeks still to run on his campaign to crowdfund The Ultimate Heavy Rubber Book, publisher Peter Czernich tells us he‘s “quite amazed” by how well his first trial of this type of funding has gone.

The €5,000 target he set for printing 500 copies has already been exceeded by more than 50 percent, with €7,560 pledged at the time of writing. But that’s not a reason not to add your own pledge while the campaign is still running. As Peter explained, the target amount he set out to raise was not intended to cover the full cost of production and shipping.

“As this was my first crowdfunding project, I wanted to set the target amount not too high in order to make sure it could be reached,” he said, adding that with the total currently pledged, he’s just about at the breakeven point when actual printing costs, shipping, and the cut taken by funding site Verkami are all taken into account.

A very good reason to add a pledge of your own in the next 21 days is that everyone pledging even the minimum amount of €40 gets a signed and numbered copy of the book as a reward. When the remaining books go on sale, the cover price will be €49.95, so even minimum pledgers automatically save almost 20 percent of the retail price by ‘ordering’ in advance.

Drawn from 20 years of Czernich’s photography for Marquis and Heavy Rubber magazines, The Ultimate Heavy Rubber Book will comprise 284 full colour A4 pages, stitched and varnished, with heavy board covers — in similar style to Peter’s first book Fetish Photography.

Featured models will include Alexia, Ancilla Tilia, Bianca Beauchamp, Cilia de Lux, Dante Posh, Donatella, Emily Marilyn, Jade Vixen, Jean Bardot, Kataxenna, Katsuni, Kumi, Lily Phellera, Louva, Lucy Latex, Masuimi Max, Nikki Magnusson, Queeny Love, Rubberdoll, Rubber Eva, Sister Sinister, Summer Cummings, Taylor Wane, Valentina, Zlata and many more.

For full details of the project and the various rewards available — which range from signed copies for €40 to a top prize that includes a photoshoot with Peter valued at €1,000 — visit the Verkami project page below.


News|Clothing|Toronto|Ego Assassin closure

Ego Assassin makes itself the final target

Sunday, 15 June 2014

One piece of less welcome news doing the rounds in Berlin during German Fetish Ball Weekend was the imminent closure of Canadian latex label Ego Assassin.

The Toronto-based pioneer of screen-printed latex clothing is due to permanently close its production studio and cease taking orders on its website tomorrow, Monday June 16.

Its announcement has come close on the heels of the news that another well-respected latex fashion firm — Paris-based HMSlatex — is closing its doors at the end of July.

James and Slinka, the partnership behind Ego Assassin, have, like HMS, declared that it’s time to move on to pastures new. Although unlike HMS, they haven’t revealed yet what might be cultivated in those fresh fields.

“Great ninjas don’t retire,” says the blog on the EA website. “They walk silently into the mist, leaving the world forever changed behind them.

“We don’t know about the entire world, but after almost nine years of lubing, learning, cutting, gluing, drafting, designing, selling and shining, we’re pretty sure we’ve left a mark or two on the latex world.

“It’s certainly changed us in ways we never expected. That is the gift we received from each of you. Now it’s time for us to take that gift and find new worlds to make awesome with it. We can’t wait for you to see them.”

At the time of posting, there is one day left to obtain that extra-special piece of Ego Assassin latex goodness you’ve had your eye on, at 20 percent off in its last ever sale.


ĎGREAT NINJAS DONíT RETIREí: James and Slinka look back on their nine years running Toronto label Ego Assassin
News|Events|Berlin|GFB Weekend

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: GFB poster girl Nina de Lianinís show has finally been added to the Ball programme

GFB Weekend late additions: Nina and more Friday parties

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Nina de Lianin, the In Strict Confidence singer and Dominatrix MC, has finally been officially added to the German Fetish Ball show line-up on Sunday June 8. The schedule for the whole weekend has now expanded to include no less than four different events on the opening Friday, and there have been changes to Saturday’s events too — see Stop Press items at the bottom of this story.

Nina’s involvement was first signalled months ago when she became the official face of the 2014 weekend, featuring on its website masthead, posters, flyers and other promo materials. However, her name has only just appeared on the Ball programme in the site’s most recent update, published less than a day ago. She’ll be doing a musical performance, and hints that she might also be in one of the fashion shows.

Elsewhere on the GFB site, sharp-eyed observers will notice that the weekend schedule has expanded to accommodate no less than four events on Friday June 6, the opening night of Berlin’s fetish festivities.

Originally, the evening offered one confirmed official event — the strict dresscode GFB Kick-Off Party at Insomnia — with a ‘pencilled-in’ Kinky Cocktails whose details were yet to be announced. Subsequently it transpired that the cocktail slot would be filled by Savage-Wear’s tenth birthday celebrations at Rooster Berlin. The party is being organised jointly by latex designer Haydee Sparks and her old partner Alex Heim, erstwhile organiser of the now-defunct Berlin Fetish Weekend.

Then around two weeks ago we learned that two more Friday night slots had been announced by different promoters. One of them — Cabaret Bizarre: The Fool — marks the first appearance of this Swiss ‘dark cabaret’ night in Berlin, which will take place at the city’s Bassy Cowboy Club.

With a number of well-known performers from the London, Berlin and international alt-cabaret scenes — namely Joe Black, Clea CutThroat, Roxy Diamond, Miss Crash and MisSa Blue — this event also scores points for featuring resident Torture Garden DJ The Secretary, who’ll be delivering her set before heading back to London for TG’s own boat party the following evening.

Cabaret Bizarre promoter Fabrice Noir is confident that his event does not compete directly with any of the other offerings of the big Berlin weekend. “Cabaret Bizarre follows a totally different concept from the GFB,” he told me. “We are not a fetish party in the original sense, as we allow all sorts of oddities. Our door policy is very open-minded. We are rather a Weimar-inspired cabaret with a twist, and of course a quite strong influence from the alternative fetish scene.”

Though there’s no compulsory dresscode, Cabaret Bizarre guests are encouraged to dress up and those that do will save €2 on the admission price.

The final addition to Friday’s line-up is a masquerade party thrown by Alter Ego (dresscode: masks and fetishwear or black tie) at Cookies. Little further information on this offering is available, but Alter Ego parties are well established in Berlin, and you can check out previous events via Google.

Some Berlin scenesters have expressed concerns that Friday’s elevation to packed, multiple-choice evening may not be good news for the official GFB programme. However, René of Xklusiv, the GFB organiser, told me that he was relaxed about the extra options now on offer, and had happily added their details to Friday’s schedule on his GFB website.

“We can't expect clubs to close on any date, just because something cool is going on and new promoters are attracted by the crowd we attract,” he said. “That is how it is. So instead of opening a new confrontation and deciding who is in and who is out, we added those nice people who approached us to the schedule. But for the promoted official events we are sticking to the ones we always had good co-operations with.”

While he was of the opinion that too much diversity kills a weekend — “There has to be a clear structure” — some diversity was good, he felt. And since Berlin famously thrives on its “wide offer”, some additional choices might be “pretty cool”. All in all, he concluded, he didn’t anticipate any adverse effect on the GFB Weekend. More details from the GFB website below, or from the individual event URLs. TM


Martin Pelzer, host of Saturday’s FetishGuerilla Revolution party, has just informed us that this year, the venue will have a room for non-smokers. It’s the Dragon Floor, where TG DJ  Jimmy Mofo will be playing. Ironic name for a non-smoking area, you might think, but non-smokers who had problems with the venue’s air quality last year will surely be prepared to overlook that. Thanks Martin!

The venue for Saturday night’s GFB Play-Night has been changed. The party, which was originally at de Sade, has now been moved to DarkSide Berlin, Nostitzstr 30, 10965 Berlin. Other details remain the same: 9pm start time, advance tickets €30 per person, strict dresscode (sensual erotic/fetish/BDSM), and couples/entourage only.


News|Events|Berlin|FGR ticket promo

Win FetishGuerilla Revolution tickets!

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

FetishGuerilla Revolution, taking place in Berlin on June 7, is the official alternative Saturday night party during German Fetish Ball Weekend.

It is widely regarded as one of the weekend’s three unmissable events — along with the German Fetish Ball itself and the German Fetish Fair.

Organised by photographer and veteran Berlin party promoter Martin Pelzer, FG Revolution takes place at the city’s famous KitKatClub, and provides a clubbing experience that is closer to London events like Torture Garden than to traditional German fetish parties.

And to celebrate The Fetishistas’ long association with Martin and his FetishGuerilla events, we have three pairs of tickets for this year’s Revolution party to give away!

To be in with a chance of winning free entry for two people worth €40 (door price), all you have to do is e-mail us with your answer to a simple question — full details below.

Our three winners and their companions can look forward to an evening of music spun by Michael Nielebock, Mitja Prinz, Christopher Lawrenz b2b David Faust, Faray, Jimmy Mofo, Taktgeber and Green, as well as performances by Evilyn Frantic, Calida Del Sol and Mad Alan.

To enter, simply e-mail editoratthefetishistasdotcom with your answer to this question: What is the name of the venue that hosts FetishGuerilla Revolution? Send your e-mail from the address we should use if you are chosen as one of our winners.

CONDITIONS OF COMPETITION ENTRY: E-mailed entries must arrive by midnight UK time on Saturday May 17 2014. Winners will be the first three correct entries drawn on Sunday May 18, and will be notified by us immediately. Winners will then receive e-mail confirmation direct from Fetish Guerilla that their names have been added to the guest list. Prizes consist of club entry only — all other costs such as travel to the venue, refreshments in the club etc are the responsibility of the winners. A copy of the FG e-mail notification should be printed out or stored on your smartphone for production on the door. Winners must conform to the evening’s dresscode to be admitted.

More information about Fetish Guerilla Revolution from the event’s Facebook page below.


STILL CRAZY: Performers at Juneís FetishGuerilla Revolution party in Berlin include Londonís very own Mad Alan (photo: Tony Mitchell)
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